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    Glen McNeilley

    HunkleberryGeneral - Friendly General Commands Plugin:
    • NEW-/msg, /reply and /afk. Better persisting. Sorted properties files. Better formed response from material matching.
    • NEW-Constraining functions, /setname may only set your own name, added /setothername. Added /home, /sethome, and /worldhome, /setworldhome- different options you may offer to groups that don't have full rights.
    • NEW-/setname persists through server restarts.
    • NEW-/sights, and /see, persisted world aware private named locations.
    • NEW-/worldloadlist, set worlds to load on startup. /hg_help displays only commands you can use.
    This is a friendly general command plugin with a number of excellent features. It will never do more than monitor the chat commands (nearly), which should allow for flawless integration with other plugins. In the event of a command name conflict a properties file is available to set an alias for the particular command, or all of them. Also provided is a config file for renaming the given Permissions2.0(Not Required) keys, and two config files that allow for the setting of server-wide and Ops permissions, all at the individual command level.

    Getting started:
    Please copy the plugin into your plugin directory and /reload your server to generate the plugins/HunkleberryGeneral/ path and properties files. Delete this path or these files at any time to have them regenerate with defaults at the next server reload.

    (alias functionality temporarily removed)
    (help with a workaround here)
    Download the C.B. 493+ plugin here (google docs)
    or wgetable (github)
    Download an example MOTD file here (google docs)
    Download the source code here (github)

    Commands of note:
    • /sights and /see, private named locations.
    • /leap and /flick, well implemented world-aware teleport command.
    • /getblock and /giveblock, itemdata aware inventory generators for items under your crosshair.
    • /slay and /cleardrops, to clean up any messy world spawns
    • /strata, a command which allows you to teleport x number of air/solid block transitions (stratum, loosely) such as walls, mountains, trees,..., e.g., using /strata 3 while looking at the ceiling at the bottom of a multi-story building will teleport you 3 floors up. Last but not least using /strata 0 will teleport you to the face of the solid under your crosshair, as long as safe ground is below.
    • /setworldtype, creates a file in the world directory that permanently declares the environment of the world. This file is read by /loadworld, negating the possibility of messing up the world by using the wrong environment type.
    • /worldloadlist, set the worlds that will load on startup.

    /get {itemId|itemName} [quantity:default=1] [itemData:default=null]
    /give {playerName} {itemId|itemName} [quantity:default=1] [itemData:default=null]
    /getblock [quantity:default=1] [itemData:default=targeted]
    /giveblock {playerName} [quantity:default=1] [itemData:default=targeted]
    /clearinv [playerName:default=self]
    /clearinvall [playerName:default=self]
    /listinv [playerName:default=self]
    /matcontains {string}
    /heal [playerName:default=self]
    /setname {newName} [index,color/...:default=no color]
    /setnameother {playerName} {newName} [index,color/...:default=no color]
    /who [world:default=all] [brief|long:default=brief]
    /setspawn [{x} {y} {z} [worldName]]:default=current location
    /setcompass [playerName] [x y z] [here]:default=current world spawn
    /msg {playerName(*=all)[.worldName(*=all):default=all]} {message}
    /reply {message}
    /afk [message]
    /sights {add|remove|list|save}[name:req. for set|remove]
    /see [name:default=home]
    /leap [[worldName] [playerName] [x y z]]:default=current world spawn
    /fling {name}[worldName] [playerName] [x y z]:default=current world spawn
    /gather [playerName:default=all] [worldName:default=all]
    /strata [number:default=0]
    /gettime [playerName:default=self]
    /time [playerName:default=self] [time:default=noon]
    /loadworld {worldName}
    /createworld {worldName} {normal|nether}
    /setworldtype {worldName} {normal|nether}
    /worldloadlist {add|remove|list|save}
    /hg_help [command]:default=list commands
    /bounce {player} [minutes:default=forever] [message]
    /unbounce {player}
    /bounceip {player} [minutes:default=forever] [message]
    /forcebounce {player|ip}
    /loadplugin {name}
    /disableplugin {name}
    /enableplugin {name}
    /writehtml (no arguments)
    /writebukkit (no arguments)
    /writeyaml (no arguments)
    /setcommandalias {command} [alias:default=""]
    /setserverallow {command} {true|false}
    /setopsonly {command} {true|false}
    /setpermissions {command} [new string:default=""]


    • 0.75 /msg, /reply, /afk, persistance tweaks, matching list tweaks
    • 0.74 /setname v./setothername, /home, /sethome, /worldhome, /setworldhome
    • 0.73 added url to enable string while forums were down. /bounceip back again
    • 0.72 /setname now persists
    • 0.71 bugfix sight naming
    • 0.70 bugfix doc now reads add rather than set for /sights, rounded off /values.
    • 0.69 /sights, /see, internal data storage refactor.
    • 0.68 /worldloadlist, hg_help shows only commands you can use Head/440 builds
    • 0.67 /bounce,/bounceip,/unbounce,/forcebounce,/reloadbouncer,fix compass, refactor for new command setup
    • 0.66 /compass, /spawn, fix /time Holding C.B. at 444 for peace of mind for a bit
    • 0.65 /gather, better material name matching
    • 0.6 /who, /playerinfo, /setcompass
    • 0.51 bugfix for setname C.B 450
    • 0.5 /matcontains, material name matching, player alias matching.new delimiter for MOTD

    Task List:

    • persist player name changes, named locations, custom time settings
    • add many more of the common [GEN] and [ADMIN] commands /god, /tree...
    • kits.txt support
    • let me know what would be useful
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    Dr Oracle

    Most of the General Command plugins seem to be broken right now, so it's nice to have another option :p

    I'll try this right now.
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    Glen McNeilley

    Thanks! Let me know how it goes.
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    Dr Oracle

    So far, it works perfectly. I like the way there's plenty of customisation, and Permissions integration. This also provide a bunch of other fancy features other General Command plugins don't. Excellent work Glen, I highly recommend this to other server admins.
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    This is great! I was wondering though, how do I actually set up the group permissions? i.e: Admins, mods, and default users?
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    Glen McNeilley

    For me, permissions are never easy. It would be best to look at the info here and see what you think.

    And thanks!
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    If I wanted to use the permissions plugins would I be adding huckleberrygeneral.give ?
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    Glen McNeilley

    you would use hg.give

    take a look in the /plugins/HunkleberryGeneral/permissions.properties and you should see each of the commands listed along with it current permissions string.
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    Hey there, I have a question about the /setname command. I try "/setname DaMooseinator Moose 1.6/4.12. (Also tried numbers 1-10). Im sure its something simple im messing up, but this is what I get:
    Invalid index.color pair.

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    Glen McNeilley

    Nope, that was my fault. I changed the delimiter from . to , and forgot to change the help text. Sorry about that. Try it with commas. I'll change the help.
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    Ah, works perfectly now. Thanks. :)

    EDIT: Also am getting double items from /give. (Item from this plugin and from op command)
    Is there any way for me to change the /give for this plugin? I like it over the ops one since it puts the item directly into the inventory.

    EDIT 2: When doing 1,4 for the /setname command, it leaves the first letter of the nickname white. Trying everything, but cant seem to change the first letters color. Any tips?

    EDIT 3: Sorry for all the questions, its 4am and im very sleepy. ^.^
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    Glen McNeilley

    I've just uploaded a new version and setname should work as expected.

    For /give you can rename it easily enough. With the new .jar you can type /setcommandalias /give /giveme(or whatever you would like to call it)

    use /saveproperties to save the change to the properties file so the alias will stick around through server restarts

    Thanks for finding the bugs!
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    Thanks for your speedy answers! You have a great plugin here.
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    Glen McNeilley

    Thanks! I just re-uploaded the last jar with a small change to get rid of the extra space on the end of the display name.
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    Ill be sure to test out the other commands later and post if I find anything amiss. For now, its off to bed for me.
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    Neato gunna give it a try i'll report back :D
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    Glen McNeilley

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    Any chance for a wget compliant download link?

    Your missing /god

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    like your plugin, the only thing I miss being able to do is: use names to get or give items
    e.g. /get cobblestone 10
    Or did I just overlook some kind of config?
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    In your motd.zip file. Your sample file is named motd.txt and your code is looking for MOTD.txt. This isn't bad just pointing it out for case sensitive systems such as linux.

    I am a little confused on how the alias file works.
    I love the permissions.properties file.
    I love all the config file.

    I know this is a long shot but is there any way you can put in a way to change what character is used for the escape characters?

    I have another idea for you. Can you add a config file for letting us set alias for time of day.

    Like if I want to set an alias for day. So time day would = 700 or so.. then if I want to set one for brunch. brunch = 1000

    I am in no way demanding this.. I just know how it is as a coder you want feed back.

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    Glen McNeilley

    I'll look for a fileserver that allows that.

    Thanks, putting it on the list.

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    Just wanted to say that I've started using this mod. Couple of things I'd like to note though...
    • Provide some extra detail in the OP for Permissions (or GroupManager now being more widely used). I was mashing my head trying to find some permissions documentation. Didn't think to run the mod 1st for a good 10 minutes [​IMG]
    • Please don't let this become bloated like some other plugin. I used General because it was lean and mean and did exactly what I wanted it to.
    Thanks for taking the time to make this mod for all of us server operators!
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    Glen McNeilley

    Nope, your didn't miss it, working on it right now. Posting it later today for sure.

    I'll fix that, I appreciate the feedback.

    In the alias file you'll find the standard command names listed with an empty value. Find a command you would like to change the name of and write the new name after the '='. Save the file of course and /reload your server. The name you wrote in the file should now be active. To remove the alias and revert to the default name, delete what you wrote eariler.

    From chat, (another way to do it)
    /setcommandalias oldcommandname newcommandname

    and then to revert
    /setcommandalias newcommandname

    No Bloating! I completely agree.

    Sorry, the documentation is definitely lacking, I'll clarify that point for sure.

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    I use windows to manage my vps server (linux) and somehow the "§" (ascii 167) symbol gets translated to a ÿ and displayed on the MOTD as such.
    I don't know if this is an encoding problem (that's why I stated that I use windows to edit the file, but linux to read it).

    Thanks for looking into this
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    Glen McNeilley

    Which escape characters were you looking to change?

    Thinking about the time of day config. That sounds friendly.

    That is what I get for trying to be fancy. I'll add support for /#token#/ make that #token# , I don't need that headache :)

    Batting 1000...the new motd special char will be %, the old char will work as well

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    You are DA BOMB... I love your plugin.

    Two more for you.

    /kick and /ban
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    Hi first thanks for the well plugin.
    Now I have a question. Can I set my name in color static ? I mean if I login next time to my server that I have already my name for example in red. I want to set my name like: [Admin] {Name} : {Text}. I have had iChat but it isnt more compatible with Beta 1.3. Than another thing, I miss the command 'who' or 'online'.


    Sry for my bad english
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    Glen McNeilley

    THANKS! Added /kick and /ban to list

    You are welcome. I am thinking about player specific persistence for this and other needs. More thought needed, but I'll get it done. added /listonline to TODO

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    Actually I realized that a popular plugin (worldguard) adds a few of the commands I mentioned to you.
    So it might not be a good idea to includes those here and or give a way to turn them off.

    • /god command to make you invincible
    • /heal command to heal
    • /slay command to kill
    /who would be a great one tho
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    Is there a way to set the default time? If not, that would be great.

    Edit: I'm a dork.

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