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    Thomas Bucher

    GeoCacher - The GeoCaching Plugin for Minecraft:
    Version: v1.2
    New in 1.1-1.2:
    • Splitet Plugin / Loot Stuff / xConomy Stuff
    • Just Download the wanted AddOns below, to match your needs.
    • Added a LootEvent, so other Plugins can Hook onto the Log/LootEvent
    • LootEvent(thecache,thefinder,thechest,isitftf,foundcount)
    • Created a FTFLoot Plugin
    • MultiCaches now possible. use /geo hide option and /geo message
    Keep in mind: Dont enable norangecheckforcustoms and give normal user create right, they will certainly build arrays of caches to get mass of loot!!

    MYSQL Support NOT YET available. Work in progress

    iConomy 5.X needed for Version 0.9+

    Like the real Geocaching, You can search for Caches with a Compass.

    You get some Goodies if you find a Cache.
    You dont know Geocaching? Get the Idea here

    • Hide GeoCaches
    • Find GeoCaches
    • Autogenerating Caches while Chunkloads
    • Lootable definition Lists
    • Broadcast new Caches
    • Get some Goodies if you find one
    • Auto Fix Boxes on Starting a Search
    • Uses Permissions 2.6 / Works Without (Create is then OP only)
    • iConomy 5.x Support via AddOn
    • BOSEconomy Support via AddOn
    • MultiWorld support
    • Help Support
    • FTF Loot via FTFLootPlugin
    • Loot Support via AddOn Plugins
    • xConomy Support via AddOn Plugins
    • Configfile

    Download The Plugin 1.2 <- Download the Needed AddOns from below.

    Download The Plugin 1.1 <- iConomy 5
    Download The Plugin 1.0a
    Download The Plugin 0.9
    Download The Plugin 0.7g <- iConomy 4

    Source Codes are in the Jars

    Webpage Sources

    The Webpage is written in php and the only file who needs to be modified is config.php, where you have to enter the Path to the Plugindir where the webkeys.txt and the *.gc Files reside in.

    ADDONS: (You need this to get some loot at all!!)
    Default Loot:
    Download the LootPlugin 0.1a <- Needs GeoCacher 1.2
    Download the LootPlugin 0.1 <- Needs GeoCacher 1.2
    FTF Loot:
    Download the FTFLootPlugin 0.1 <- Needs GeoCacher 1.2
    For iConomy 5.x
    Download the iConomy5xLootPlugin 0.1 <- Needs GeoCacher 1.2
    For iConomy 4.x
    Download the iConomy4xLootPlugin 0.1 <- Needs GeoCacher 1.2
    For BOSEconomy
    Download the BOSEconomyLootPlugin 0.1 <- Needs GeoCacher 1.2

    Version 1.2
    • Splitet Plugin / Loot Stuff / xConomy Stuff
    • Just Download the wanted AddOns below, to match your needs.
    • Removed all unneeded Configs from the Configfile
    Version 1.1
    • Added a LootEvent, so other Plugins can Hook onto the Log/LootEvent
    Version 1.0a
    • Added Hint /geo hint | /geo hint cachename the hint for this cache
    • Added Message /geo message | /geo message cachename the message to set
    • Added Help support /help GeoCacher
    • Added Hide option /geo hide|unhide cachename
    • Added More info options /geo info cachename | /geo info
    • Added /geo find cachename
    • Added delete for name /geo delete cachename
    • Rewritten a lot of Things..
    Version 0.9
    • iConomy 5.x
    • Added Money name Variable
    • Add DAO structure for Files
    • Rewritten most of the Code
    • Added Debug Option
    • added Mysqlconfig / DAO (not implemented yet)
    Version 0.7g
    • Fixed chunk null pointer
    Version 0.7f
    • Fixed delete bug, without permissions
    Version 0.7e
    • Removed Dupbug / lootbug
    • Added Underwatercaches (configurable)
    • Added betterhidedeep option
    Version 0.7d
    • Added norangecheckforcustoms to the config for disable Rangechecks
    Version 0.7c
    • Fixed Lootbug if no amount was specified.
    • Fixed Default Lootables
    • Fixed Empty Chest problems
    • Fixed Windows problem with locked Files.. (hopefully)
    Version 0.7
    • Added Loottables amounts
    • Fixed Lootbug with new Autocreated Caches
    • Added Webfrontend Alpha Version (needs a webserver with php)
    • Minor Bugfixes like Searchtool is named etc..
    Version 0.6c
    • Added Broadcastcolor in Config -> broadcastcolor
    • Fixed loottables,loottablesrare -> Format: yml see example config
    • Added Statsize for lootables -> lootstacksize
    • Minor Text corrections / Fixes
    Version 0.6b
    • BOSEconomy Support (Configfile -> useboseconomy: true/false)
    • iConomy Support (Configfile -> useiconomy: true/false)
    • Change to get some money (Configfile -> moneychance: 0-100 %)
    • Minimum of Cash to find (Configfile -> minmoney: value)
    • Maximum Money to add to the Minimum (Configfile -> addmoney: value)
    • Betterhide Option (Configfile -> betterhide: true/false) This will dig the Caches 1-3 Fields deep
    • Betterhide Chance (Configfile -> betterhidechance: 0-100%) Chance to betterhide a Cache
    • Searchtool to use (Configfile -> searchtool: 345) Id of the Searchtool / Defaults to Compass
    • Lot of minor Bugfixes
    • Add /geo webkey <- Gives the User a "Password" to check his Stats on the Webpage
    Version 0.5b
    • Should fix the Multilog / Multiloot bug
    Version 0.5a
    • Fixed the usage of the Plugin without Permission Plugin running
    Version 0.5
    • Fixed Load error if Chunk not Loaded / World not loaded
    • Fixed Error of Cache not able to loot.
    • Upgrade you gc Files with a line
      if you have multiworld, so the Cache now on what world it resides
      Or delete all GC files and Start over
    • Added Compassrightcklick to start search a new Cache if none is selected
    • Added Autolog if you open the Chest
    • Added Config parameters for autolog enabled / autonewcache
    • Added Config parameter for otherthing than a compass to use to search (Worldedit)
      set the searchtool=345 to whatever you like
    Version 0.4
    • Added Broadcast new Caches
    • Added Autogenerated Caches
    • Fixed Display of Decimals
    Version 0.2
    • Added Loottable
    • Added Configparameters
    • Fixed some littles
    • Added delete support
    Version 0.1

    • Initial Version

    Search a GeoCache by type
    /geo find
    /geo find cachename
    Use a Compass (right click) to see how far away you are
    Right Klick with your Compass(Searchtool)
    You can get more infos about the Cache you are hunting by

    /geo info
    /geo info cachename

    If you are in a Range of 3 Blocks write

    /geo log <Your Logmessage for that Cache>
    Now loot the Chest
    Just open the Chest to Autolog it without a message
    you can check the Message leaved on the Box by
    /geo message

    To Create a Cache do
    /geo create CacheName <Cache Description goes here>
    All Commands are listed by
    /help GeoCacher
    Delete a unwanted GeoCache
    /geo delete (only OP or Owner of the Cache , if you stay near a Cache)
    /geo delete cachname

    Get a webkey for a Webinterface
    /geo webkey

    - geocache.create <- Create a new Cache / Delete Owned
    - geocache.search <- Search / Log and get Infos about Caches

    Example Configs:
    neededspace: 75
    enableautocaches: true
    autocachechance: 10
    broadcastnew: true
    autologenabled: true
    autogetnewenabled: true
    searchtool: 345
    betterhide: true
    betterhidechance: 70
    broadcastcolor: 2
    norangecheckforcustoms: false
    betterhidedeep: 10
    underwatercaches: true
    debug: false
    usemysql: false
    usehelp: true

    rarechance: 70
    lootstacksize: 20
    thislootonly: true
    debug: true
    - 91,5
    - 89,5
    - 57,2
    ftfmessage: FTF!! You are the first. You get some Extra Loot!!
    message: You get some Goodies, open the Box now
    rarechance: 70
    lootstacksize: 20
    debug: true
    - 91,5
    - 89,5
    - 57,2
    GeoCacherLootBOSEconomy | GeoCacherLootiConomy:
    addmoney: 70
    moneyname: Bucks
    moneyonftf: true
    debug: true
    minmoney: 70
    moneychance: 101

    lootables and lootablesrare are:
    - itemnumber,amount
    if no amount is given like
    - itemnumber
    it will default to lootstacksize for lootables
    and 1 to lootablesrare

    Add /geo top <- Rankings
    Add /geo showlog <cachename>
    - New geocache [id] has been placed on world X
    Finish MySQL DAO
    Add Interface for Other Plugins (Trackables / Lootables etc)
    Split the Things up to better Maintain it
    After Hooks are made for Log / Loot
    Rewrite Loot / FTF / Rares -> Make new Plugin
    Essentials Eceonomy
    More than one Normal Loot in box
    Add Multiworld enable / disable Support for Caches / Autocaches
    Add Limits for Autocaches per world (X,Z)

    • add trackables? (add some interfaces for extensions) -> Will be another AddOn
    You gonna name it ;-)

    You can test it on our Server:

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    Thomas Bucher

    Sorry not at the Moment, still i will improve the Plugin, and i keep that on scope.
    Sincerely Thomas
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    - Add the FTF option, with maybe a special log entry on the web interface, and a FTF prize property in the config.
    - List all nearby caches, sort by distance.

    Thats all I got for now, great plugin! Quite a few of our player geocache on a regular basis, so its fun to see them follow the general rules of trading up.
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    Hey Thomas, interesting that Warhawk just said that, but I was thinking about FTF today! I feel like the functionality might already exist though...

    If I create a custom cache, then put items in it, will they stay there when someone finds and logs the cache? Then they would find a FTF prize and still get randomly generated loot.

    Also, can you add a way to make waypoint caches? I want to guide people into caves and other places, but if I set a traditional cache, they are likely to find a point above it and then dig down to it and skip the stuff that I want them to go through.

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    Waypoints are a good idea here - I think the problem would be having to have a system like a waterfall - create a cache that is linked to another cache ID. The last cache would be the overall "cache", containing the items and such, but all the rest lead to that cache. So its a multi-cache, but the coding would be a tad different in concept.

    ( [last]<----[third]<----[second]<----[first] ) = "Looking_For_You!"
    First = <name>_#1
    Second = <name>_#2

    Also, any chance of porting to MySQL? I think that it would be a hell of a lot easier to use indexes to label the caches, then link them based on the index. It would also be better than trying to load hundreds of flatfiles that spam the console...
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    Thomas Bucher

    Yes thats true. I could still make a ftflootlist for autocreated Caches...
    I just think about doing 2 things:
    1.) make Caches hidden (not findable via /geo find and rightklick by compass) So you could only find them with /geo find nameofthecache
    2.) Add a custom Message to the Cache, that will be read if you open the box..
    With that method, you can make 4 caches, hide 3 and give the name of the next cache as message on the first.. Also you could make many Caches, needed to make / get a riddle or a quest to find the Name of a Specialchest.
    So there would be no need to "hardlink" those Caches. You just pass the name to the player and he may search for it.

    As long, as i can "live" with the Textfiles, i would not go for mysql.
    Reason: I allways try to keep things as easy as possible. This plugin runs out of the box. No config needed.

    I could add a config option, to stop some output in the console, if that would help you.

    What do you think about this ?
    Sincerely Thomas
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    That would be good! I personally like SQL, mainly because I code backend code that deals with DB's, but for simplicities sake, I completely understand. Possibly an option in the future where we can switch between the two? I know others like SQL as well, but I do understand the problem of then having to design the code to deal with a selected DB and trying to either narrow or widen your user base with certain DB engines.
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    Hey! Great plugin, me and my users have been having a lot of fun with it, but I'm still not sure how it works... Auto-generated caches are only created on new chunks, correct? I have a map-limiter in use, and we've pretty much gotten most of the caches from explored chunks, but there are some that are in loaded chunks, but beyond the border... is there any easier way to limit/destroy these? Or do caches respawn for loaded blocks?
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    Hey Thomas, I like your multi-cache idea. Is it already possible to do something like you described, or is that something that you'll have to add?
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    Thomas Bucher

    All "seen" chunks are stated as ruled, and saved in chunklist.data file. there will no new chaches be placed.
    You can delete the gc files of those ouside your boundries and restart.
    Just check x and z in the gc files for being out of your area.

    I would add it like that. it would leave a wide area of possibilieties open (example make a sign with some letters and dots on differen caches, if you have all you have the bonus cache etc).

    I am quite busy atm, but i guess i will implement that this week.

    Sincerely Thomas
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    Thanks Thomas, can you please also add a FTF loot list? It would be cool also if you could make a configurable message that will print to chat when the person is the FTF, that way they know.
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    Hey Thomas, I'm not able to create caches any more. I was creating them with no problem earlier, but now I can't and there's no error reported to the server. It just reads in chat:
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    Thomas Bucher

    /geo create cachename some descrioptions....

    /geo create cachename
    will not work ..

    If it is not this, i have no clue, because i dindt change that code since 0.5

    I will make some tests on my server..
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    The web interface isn't working for us: http://mc.nalum.no/geo/
    It says "Unable to open file!" even though the geocachedir path in config.php is correct.
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    Thomas Bucher

    You have to use the command
    /geo webkey
    once ingame. this creates the file needed.
    Also make sure, your webserver has the right to read the files in the Directoy where the plugin/GeoCacher data resides.

    Greetings Thomas
  16. Nice plugin!

    - Can you add a setting for currency name? Can't change from "coins".

    - Can you make it so we can configure how often a cache can be found? As now, one player will find it, and just get everyone summoned over. I'd like to be able to have it expire somehow.

    - For server generated caches, /geo delete GCxxxx, just gives me the help again. I am an OP, didn't spell the name wrong either...

    - Possible add two config variables that specify an X and Z coordinate. Within that rectangle, no chests can spawn? This would allow servers to block caches appearing within their center area.
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    Hi Thomas
    It still doesnt work :/
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    Thomas Bucher

    Check the config.php Make sure there is a / at the end.

    EDIT: Works now, it was a Permission issue on that Server
    Check your Apache Error-Logs if you have this Error Thnx

    1.) I will add a Configvar to change the name of Money
    2.) GeoCaching is somehow a MultiUser fun thing. And like in Realworld, there will allways be some "rushes" on new Caches. Thats part of the "mechanics". So sorry, in near future, i will not make any "limit" to how many Users can find a Caches in a certain time.
    3.) You have to stay near the Cache < 5 Fields and type /geo delete
    Without a name, to delete the Cache. with a Name is currently not supported but on my todo list.
    You can also just delete the corresponding .gc files and restart the server to delete the Cache. The Box will stay in place, till removed, but will no longer fiunction as a Cache.

    Sincerely Thomas

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  19. Ahh that's how delete works, thanks!

    One other thing, most servers have a map with a border. Does that not mean caches will stop spawning when the entire map is explored for the first time. If I purge an area of the map, will it recognize those chunks are being regenerated, or does it simply check chunk filenames or so?
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    Thomas Bucher

    The Plugin has a List of allready seen Chunks.
    It will not create any Caches on Chunks allready stated "seen" by the plugin.
    You can start over if you like by:
    1.) stop server ,
    2.) delete the chunkdata.list file in the GeoCacher plugin dir,
    3.) start the Server again
    It the reroles all the Chunks which gets "seen" the First time again. It will also check against the Space of existing Caches again. This will prevent you from "Flood" your server with Caches.

    Sincerely Thomas
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    Thomas Bucher

    Did you delete some Caches between server restart and this error ?
    It seems it tried to compare against a non existing cache..

    I just made a fix for this Problem.. Even this should not exist, it will handle it now somehow ;-)
    Download the new Version
    Greeting Thomas

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    GeoCacher is tossing an out-of-date error after updating to iConomy 5.
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    Thomas Bucher

    New Version 1.0
    New in 1.0a:
    • Added Hint /geo hint | /geo hint cachename the hint for this cache
    • Added Message /geo message | /geo message cachename the message to set
    • Added Help support /help GeoCacher
    • Added Hide option /geo hide|unhide cachename
    • Added More info options /geo info cachename | /geo info
    • Added /geo find cachename
    • Added delete for name /geo delete cachename
    • Rewritten a lot of Things..
    Lot of Stuff changed. If you fins a problem, let me know.
    Thank you.
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    Thomas Bucher

    New Version 1.1

    Added LootEvent
    Create a FTF Loot Plugin
    Made some minor improvments.

    Have Fun
    Sincerely Thomas
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    Thomas Bucher

    Alot Changed..
    Get 1.2 and the AddOns you need..
    Example get GeoCacher1.2 and Loot and FTF and BOSEconomy, if you want Extra Loot for FTF and Money for BOSEconomy and Normal Loot.

    This makes it a lot easier to maintain, if a 3rd Party plugin changes, you just remove the broken Add-On and no problem exist with the GeoCacher plugin

    Sincerely Thomas
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    hey got a small problem..
    i edited the loot but everytim i oben a cache its empty or someone other ... so need help how to get a 100% chance to have the loot inside

    EDIT: ok got it but its all full of random loot not the items i want inside =/
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    Thomas Bucher

    Post the Configs of GeoCacher and the AddOns and Versions.
    If possible set debug to true in all configs ( geocacher and addons )

    Sincerely Thomas
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    GeoCacher 1.2

    mysqlusername: cacher
    usehelp: true
    autocachechance: 20
    mysqlport: 3306
    betterhide: true
    debug: false
    neededspace: 2
    searchtool: 345
    broadcastnew: true
    norangecheckforcustoms: true
    mysqlpassword: changeme
    underwatercaches: false
    autologenabled: true
    betterhidechance: 70
    broadcastcolor: 2
    enableautocaches: false
    mysqlhostname: localhost
    autogetnewenabled: true
    usemysql: false
    betterhidedeep: 10
    Geo Cacher Loot 0.1
    message: Du hast den Cache gefunden!
    rarechance: 50
    lootstacksize: 20
    debug: true
    - 91,5
    - 89,5
    - 296,10
    - 297,1
    - 321,1
    - 332,3
    - 57,2
    - 329,2
    - 322,2
    - 264,2
    - 2256,1
    - 2257,1
    Geo CacherLoot FTF 0.1

    rarechance: 20
    lootstacksize: 20
    thislootonly: true
    debug: true
    - 354,1
    - 347,1
    ftfmessage: ERSTER! Hier ein paar Extras ;)
    so as you see i'm from germany :D you may can give me an answer in german, maybe i'll understand it better than english :D
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    Thomas Bucher

    Ok hier ein Problem (ein type meiner seits)

    flootablesrare sollte lootablesrare sein.

    Und einen Typo hatte ich auch noch im Plugin drin. Drum die neue Version 0.1a von LootPlugin runterladen ;-)

    Sorry für die Umstände.

    Gruss Thomas
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    ok vielen dank für die schnelle Hilfe werds ausprobieren sobald ich zu hause bin =)

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