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    Thomas Bucher

    GeoCacher - The GeoCaching Plugin for Minecraft:
    Version: v1.2
    New in 1.1-1.2:
    • Splitet Plugin / Loot Stuff / xConomy Stuff
    • Just Download the wanted AddOns below, to match your needs.
    • Added a LootEvent, so other Plugins can Hook onto the Log/LootEvent
    • LootEvent(thecache,thefinder,thechest,isitftf,foundcount)
    • Created a FTFLoot Plugin
    • MultiCaches now possible. use /geo hide option and /geo message
    Keep in mind: Dont enable norangecheckforcustoms and give normal user create right, they will certainly build arrays of caches to get mass of loot!!

    MYSQL Support NOT YET available. Work in progress

    iConomy 5.X needed for Version 0.9+

    Like the real Geocaching, You can search for Caches with a Compass.

    You get some Goodies if you find a Cache.
    You dont know Geocaching? Get the Idea here

    • Hide GeoCaches
    • Find GeoCaches
    • Autogenerating Caches while Chunkloads
    • Lootable definition Lists
    • Broadcast new Caches
    • Get some Goodies if you find one
    • Auto Fix Boxes on Starting a Search
    • Uses Permissions 2.6 / Works Without (Create is then OP only)
    • iConomy 5.x Support via AddOn
    • BOSEconomy Support via AddOn
    • MultiWorld support
    • Help Support
    • FTF Loot via FTFLootPlugin
    • Loot Support via AddOn Plugins
    • xConomy Support via AddOn Plugins
    • Configfile

    Download The Plugin 1.2 <- Download the Needed AddOns from below.

    Download The Plugin 1.1 <- iConomy 5
    Download The Plugin 1.0a
    Download The Plugin 0.9
    Download The Plugin 0.7g <- iConomy 4

    Source Codes are in the Jars

    Webpage Sources

    The Webpage is written in php and the only file who needs to be modified is config.php, where you have to enter the Path to the Plugindir where the webkeys.txt and the *.gc Files reside in.

    ADDONS: (You need this to get some loot at all!!)
    Default Loot:
    Download the LootPlugin 0.1a <- Needs GeoCacher 1.2
    Download the LootPlugin 0.1 <- Needs GeoCacher 1.2
    FTF Loot:
    Download the FTFLootPlugin 0.1 <- Needs GeoCacher 1.2
    For iConomy 5.x
    Download the iConomy5xLootPlugin 0.1 <- Needs GeoCacher 1.2
    For iConomy 4.x
    Download the iConomy4xLootPlugin 0.1 <- Needs GeoCacher 1.2
    For BOSEconomy
    Download the BOSEconomyLootPlugin 0.1 <- Needs GeoCacher 1.2

    Version 1.2
    • Splitet Plugin / Loot Stuff / xConomy Stuff
    • Just Download the wanted AddOns below, to match your needs.
    • Removed all unneeded Configs from the Configfile
    Version 1.1
    • Added a LootEvent, so other Plugins can Hook onto the Log/LootEvent
    Version 1.0a
    • Added Hint /geo hint | /geo hint cachename the hint for this cache
    • Added Message /geo message | /geo message cachename the message to set
    • Added Help support /help GeoCacher
    • Added Hide option /geo hide|unhide cachename
    • Added More info options /geo info cachename | /geo info
    • Added /geo find cachename
    • Added delete for name /geo delete cachename
    • Rewritten a lot of Things..
    Version 0.9
    • iConomy 5.x
    • Added Money name Variable
    • Add DAO structure for Files
    • Rewritten most of the Code
    • Added Debug Option
    • added Mysqlconfig / DAO (not implemented yet)
    Version 0.7g
    • Fixed chunk null pointer
    Version 0.7f
    • Fixed delete bug, without permissions
    Version 0.7e
    • Removed Dupbug / lootbug
    • Added Underwatercaches (configurable)
    • Added betterhidedeep option
    Version 0.7d
    • Added norangecheckforcustoms to the config for disable Rangechecks
    Version 0.7c
    • Fixed Lootbug if no amount was specified.
    • Fixed Default Lootables
    • Fixed Empty Chest problems
    • Fixed Windows problem with locked Files.. (hopefully)
    Version 0.7
    • Added Loottables amounts
    • Fixed Lootbug with new Autocreated Caches
    • Added Webfrontend Alpha Version (needs a webserver with php)
    • Minor Bugfixes like Searchtool is named etc..
    Version 0.6c
    • Added Broadcastcolor in Config -> broadcastcolor
    • Fixed loottables,loottablesrare -> Format: yml see example config
    • Added Statsize for lootables -> lootstacksize
    • Minor Text corrections / Fixes
    Version 0.6b
    • BOSEconomy Support (Configfile -> useboseconomy: true/false)
    • iConomy Support (Configfile -> useiconomy: true/false)
    • Change to get some money (Configfile -> moneychance: 0-100 %)
    • Minimum of Cash to find (Configfile -> minmoney: value)
    • Maximum Money to add to the Minimum (Configfile -> addmoney: value)
    • Betterhide Option (Configfile -> betterhide: true/false) This will dig the Caches 1-3 Fields deep
    • Betterhide Chance (Configfile -> betterhidechance: 0-100%) Chance to betterhide a Cache
    • Searchtool to use (Configfile -> searchtool: 345) Id of the Searchtool / Defaults to Compass
    • Lot of minor Bugfixes
    • Add /geo webkey <- Gives the User a "Password" to check his Stats on the Webpage
    Version 0.5b
    • Should fix the Multilog / Multiloot bug
    Version 0.5a
    • Fixed the usage of the Plugin without Permission Plugin running
    Version 0.5
    • Fixed Load error if Chunk not Loaded / World not loaded
    • Fixed Error of Cache not able to loot.
    • Upgrade you gc Files with a line
      if you have multiworld, so the Cache now on what world it resides
      Or delete all GC files and Start over
    • Added Compassrightcklick to start search a new Cache if none is selected
    • Added Autolog if you open the Chest
    • Added Config parameters for autolog enabled / autonewcache
    • Added Config parameter for otherthing than a compass to use to search (Worldedit)
      set the searchtool=345 to whatever you like
    Version 0.4
    • Added Broadcast new Caches
    • Added Autogenerated Caches
    • Fixed Display of Decimals
    Version 0.2
    • Added Loottable
    • Added Configparameters
    • Fixed some littles
    • Added delete support
    Version 0.1

    • Initial Version

    Search a GeoCache by type
    /geo find
    /geo find cachename
    Use a Compass (right click) to see how far away you are
    Right Klick with your Compass(Searchtool)
    You can get more infos about the Cache you are hunting by

    /geo info
    /geo info cachename

    If you are in a Range of 3 Blocks write

    /geo log <Your Logmessage for that Cache>
    Now loot the Chest
    Just open the Chest to Autolog it without a message
    you can check the Message leaved on the Box by
    /geo message

    To Create a Cache do
    /geo create CacheName <Cache Description goes here>
    All Commands are listed by
    /help GeoCacher
    Delete a unwanted GeoCache
    /geo delete (only OP or Owner of the Cache , if you stay near a Cache)
    /geo delete cachname

    Get a webkey for a Webinterface
    /geo webkey

    - geocache.create <- Create a new Cache / Delete Owned
    - geocache.search <- Search / Log and get Infos about Caches

    Example Configs:
    neededspace: 75
    enableautocaches: true
    autocachechance: 10
    broadcastnew: true
    autologenabled: true
    autogetnewenabled: true
    searchtool: 345
    betterhide: true
    betterhidechance: 70
    broadcastcolor: 2
    norangecheckforcustoms: false
    betterhidedeep: 10
    underwatercaches: true
    debug: false
    usemysql: false
    usehelp: true

    rarechance: 70
    lootstacksize: 20
    thislootonly: true
    debug: true
    - 91,5
    - 89,5
    - 57,2
    ftfmessage: FTF!! You are the first. You get some Extra Loot!!
    message: You get some Goodies, open the Box now
    rarechance: 70
    lootstacksize: 20
    debug: true
    - 91,5
    - 89,5
    - 57,2
    GeoCacherLootBOSEconomy | GeoCacherLootiConomy:
    addmoney: 70
    moneyname: Bucks
    moneyonftf: true
    debug: true
    minmoney: 70
    moneychance: 101

    lootables and lootablesrare are:
    - itemnumber,amount
    if no amount is given like
    - itemnumber
    it will default to lootstacksize for lootables
    and 1 to lootablesrare

    Add /geo top <- Rankings
    Add /geo showlog <cachename>
    - New geocache [id] has been placed on world X
    Finish MySQL DAO
    Add Interface for Other Plugins (Trackables / Lootables etc)
    Split the Things up to better Maintain it
    After Hooks are made for Log / Loot
    Rewrite Loot / FTF / Rares -> Make new Plugin
    Essentials Eceonomy
    More than one Normal Loot in box
    Add Multiworld enable / disable Support for Caches / Autocaches
    Add Limits for Autocaches per world (X,Z)

    • add trackables? (add some interfaces for extensions) -> Will be another AddOn
    You gonna name it ;-)

    You can test it on our Server:

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    Thomas Bucher

    Hi Benz
    The change of getting 2 Items from rareloot with 20% Rarelootchange is at 4% and if there are 5 Items in the List, the Change to get the same item is 0.8% or so.. if those 5 items are 4 times the same, it will be 3.2%. But that is what you wanted, if you increase dropchance of an item ;-) i would add more items, and you will propably never hit a Chache with 2 times the same item ;-)

    Greetings Thomas
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    Hey Thomas. I've got the mod now running on my server (using a stable 1.4 bukkit build). It's working pretty well except players are sometimes able to loot the chest multiple times. I just watched someone loot a chest 3 times in a row before it would stay empty. Any idea what's causing this?

    Here's the error I'm seeing in the server:

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    Thomas Bucher

    Thnx for the Errormessage, i will check this to find the bug.

    Greeting Thomas

    Here we go, make shure min and addmoney is 1 or higher if you or not use economy..

    Sincerely Thomas

    PS Update to 0.7c there are other lootbugs removed also.

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    This plugin is fantastic, am using it on 1.5 CB (cb709 or so) and works marvelously, we are having so much fun! It is a pure Treasurehunt / PvP server, where you only get items in the caches and need to survive, as no building and destroying is allowed. Fantastic plugin! If someone wants to check it out: smp.blocktopia.net
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    Thomas Bucher

    Thank you.
    Thats is why i do such things. To make other people enjoy it.
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    Hi Thomas. I have a request for functionality and a bug deport

    My friend has a habit of making beautiful hidden dungeons around our world. I'd like to use Geocacher to place a custom cache (all of the others in our world are autocaches) inside of these temples so that the players of my server have a chance of finding them. I'd like to have custom loot inside of the cache which each player who finds the cache the first time will receive, but will only be able to loot once. As far as I know, this isn't possible with the current set of tools offered by this app, but it would be awesome if it were made possible!

    Also the bug... when I use /geo delete, I get "Command Unknown" error message Maybe I'm not using it correctly?
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    Thomas Bucher

    Hi Benz145

    To the Bug:
    You need to stay at the Cache you like to delete. In the Rang of 5 Blocks indeed, or it wont work.

    To the Dungeon:
    I suggest you use PhatLoot for the DungeonChests.. This should work in combination with a GeoCache(not tested)
    Just make sure the Cache has exact the same xyz as the PhatLoot box.. ;-)

    Greeting Thomas
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    Thanks for the suggestion Thomas. Could you give a quick example of how I would make this work? I have to create a geocache, then create a PhatLoot, then use the PhatLoot linking function to link the PhatLoot to the geocache chest? Also, is there anyway to rely on the PhatLoot system only for my custom chest? (ie: don't spawn loot defined by geocacher for the custom chest).
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    Thomas Bucher

    Thats how i would try.
    It would be the combination of booth loots. I would just Phatloot the special stuff and let the rest be random like on other boxes.

    Have Fun
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    Can you please make it so that it doesn't check for nearby caches when making a custom cache?
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    Thomas Bucher

    I can add such an option in the config..

    Sincerely Thomas

    As you requested 0.7d has norangecheckforcustoms.
    But never give create rights to everyone in combination with norangecheckforcustoms


    Greetings Thomas

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    Thank you! This mod is excellent!

    Is it possible to alter the betterfind value to make it hide deeper? And underwater?

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    Thomas Bucher likes this.
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    Thomas Bucher

    Would be possible.. but i go to bed now ;-)
    I will add that later.
    Added to the Todo-List so far.

    Greetings Thomas
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    Hey Thomas, I was testing the norangecheckforcustoms but I can't get it working. I've enabled the option in the settings, and I'm an op, but when I use /geo create I get:
    It doesn't seem to matter where I move to, I keep getting the same message. There's no error message on the server console either.
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    Thomas Bucher

    I am out today. I will check this Evening. I tested it yesterday on my server without any problems. I will check this.
    Sincerely Thomas

    Hi Benz145
    Do you have create permissions? if you have Permissions, you need create permission. Op is only good (fallback) if you dont use permissions at all ;-)
    Also you have to
    /geo create aCacheName And some Description words..

    You may try this Version also, i added Underwater caches (default is off / Check the Config)
    Also i added a betterhidedeep option

    Greetings Thomas

    New Version 0.7e:

    • Removed Dupbug / lootbug
    • Added Underwatercaches (configurable)
    • Added betterhidedeep option

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    Holla. Long time lurker.

    I tried this out over on smp.blocktopia.net and found it to be very fun. I thought this would be a good way of getting more gold into the eco system of my server, so I thought I'd try it out.

    I'm pretty new at server configs, and I'm sure I've done something wrong with permissions maybe? ... but I keep getting the message "No unfound cache around." when I do a /geo find. Also, right clicking with the compass out isn't doing anything either it seems.

    I've pretty much copy and pasted your example into my yml. I guess it's not creating the caches? I haven't even edited rarity or item drops yet... here's what i've got...

    Is it that 'norangecheckforcustoms'?

    Thanks- great pluggin!
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    Thomas Bucher

    Hi you need to have
    enableautocaches: true
    Then it will generate new Caches by itself. But it will only generate that for not seen Junks of your server.
    If you want to start over, do the following.
    1.) Make sure the Config says enableautocaches
    2.) stop the Server
    3.) remove chunklist.data from plugin/GeoCacher
    4.) start the Server
    5.) If you log in and walk around you will see it creates Caches / GCxxxx.gc files in the plugin/GeoCacher directory

    Please also download the latest one, i removed some bugs regarding Server created Caches.

    Have Fun

    PS: in permissions you need to add geocache.search for everyone.
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    Thanks for the rapid iteration on this Thomas, I'll test out the cool new options soon!

    Hey Thomas, just updated to the latest version. I'm able to create caches now, it wasn't working before because I wasn't adding a name argument. However, once I create a cache and it's right next to me, I get out my compass to see if it will locate it, but it is finding one much further away, even when I start the search anew. So I can't be sure if they will be findable for anyone.

    I'm still having a problem deleting geocaches. When I use the /geo delete function, I get a "command unknown" error. Even if I add a name argument, I get the same problem. We don't use permissions on our server. Whenver I try either of these commands, I get this error in the console:
    Also, is it possible to delete all caches on the server by removing files? Say I made the autocache distance too small and there are more than I'd like, can I remove them all and try again, or are they permanently there (unless I delete them one by one) after they have been created?

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    Thomas Bucher

    As you are the Owner of the Cache, you cannot search for it. ;-) You would be able to place a lot of Caches and get tons of loot. You can edit the gc File and change the Owner to Server or something, and the after restart you would be able to "search" for it.

    My fault, i will correct that in an update. Sorry

    1.) Stop Server
    2.) Delete all gc Files.
    3.) Delete chunklist.data File
    4.) Start Server

    PS: All Boxes will stay on the Server, but they are functionless and can be destroyed on sight ;-)

    Hope this help

    Greetings Thomas

    Updated to 0.7f.
    Fixed the delete bug without permission support.

    Greeting Thomas

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    Thanks for the info Thomas. Also, what happens if a player destroys a geocache chest? Will is reappear when the server is restarted, or is it gone for good?
  22. Thomas, not sure if something like that was already suggested, but we would love to have an alternative way to track chests by having the compass needle pointing to the acutal "locked up" chest. And a flag that allows to turn off the current feature that right-clicks with a compass shows the distance to the acutal cache! (so servers can decide which system to use or both) Interested?

    Keep up the good work!

    It will be recreated when another player gets it as actual chest.

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    Thomas Bucher

    The Compass would point to the cache, but it is broken sinse 1.4 i think. I still keep an eye on that.
  24. Wasnt MyHome using the compass to point home in 1.4 or went it already inactive after 1.3?
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    Thomas Bucher

    I just call setCompass like hell ;-) #bukkit they told me it broken and allways points to spawn..

    Greetz Thomas
  26. Well, only one thing left to say: Fukkit! =)
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    We are at 1250 caches on our treasurehunt server event, and I can tell you: All is going splendid!

    Sometimes a user gets the same chest over and over, he /geo logs it, does /geo find and gets the exact same chest again, no errors in the console or anything. Could simply be a saving issue due to the sheer amount of caches ;)
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    Thomas Bucher

    Take the latest version, i fixed that Bug. It was a problem with ids created allready existing.
    The newest Version should not have that problem anymore.

    Thnx and have Fun
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    Can admins get a list of all caches and the numbers of times they've been found?
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    Thomas Bucher

    Probably you are looking for the "WebFrontend" There you have a lot of Statistics.

    Sincerely Thomas
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    Not every server running Minecraft has the ability to host pages on it. Are there no in-game stats?

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