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    Thomas Bucher

    GeoCacher - The GeoCaching Plugin for Minecraft:
    Version: v1.2
    New in 1.1-1.2:
    • Splitet Plugin / Loot Stuff / xConomy Stuff
    • Just Download the wanted AddOns below, to match your needs.
    • Added a LootEvent, so other Plugins can Hook onto the Log/LootEvent
    • LootEvent(thecache,thefinder,thechest,isitftf,foundcount)
    • Created a FTFLoot Plugin
    • MultiCaches now possible. use /geo hide option and /geo message
    Keep in mind: Dont enable norangecheckforcustoms and give normal user create right, they will certainly build arrays of caches to get mass of loot!!

    MYSQL Support NOT YET available. Work in progress

    iConomy 5.X needed for Version 0.9+

    Like the real Geocaching, You can search for Caches with a Compass.

    You get some Goodies if you find a Cache.
    You dont know Geocaching? Get the Idea here

    • Hide GeoCaches
    • Find GeoCaches
    • Autogenerating Caches while Chunkloads
    • Lootable definition Lists
    • Broadcast new Caches
    • Get some Goodies if you find one
    • Auto Fix Boxes on Starting a Search
    • Uses Permissions 2.6 / Works Without (Create is then OP only)
    • iConomy 5.x Support via AddOn
    • BOSEconomy Support via AddOn
    • MultiWorld support
    • Help Support
    • FTF Loot via FTFLootPlugin
    • Loot Support via AddOn Plugins
    • xConomy Support via AddOn Plugins
    • Configfile

    Download The Plugin 1.2 <- Download the Needed AddOns from below.

    Download The Plugin 1.1 <- iConomy 5
    Download The Plugin 1.0a
    Download The Plugin 0.9
    Download The Plugin 0.7g <- iConomy 4

    Source Codes are in the Jars

    Webpage Sources

    The Webpage is written in php and the only file who needs to be modified is config.php, where you have to enter the Path to the Plugindir where the webkeys.txt and the *.gc Files reside in.

    ADDONS: (You need this to get some loot at all!!)
    Default Loot:
    Download the LootPlugin 0.1a <- Needs GeoCacher 1.2
    Download the LootPlugin 0.1 <- Needs GeoCacher 1.2
    FTF Loot:
    Download the FTFLootPlugin 0.1 <- Needs GeoCacher 1.2
    For iConomy 5.x
    Download the iConomy5xLootPlugin 0.1 <- Needs GeoCacher 1.2
    For iConomy 4.x
    Download the iConomy4xLootPlugin 0.1 <- Needs GeoCacher 1.2
    For BOSEconomy
    Download the BOSEconomyLootPlugin 0.1 <- Needs GeoCacher 1.2

    Version 1.2
    • Splitet Plugin / Loot Stuff / xConomy Stuff
    • Just Download the wanted AddOns below, to match your needs.
    • Removed all unneeded Configs from the Configfile
    Version 1.1
    • Added a LootEvent, so other Plugins can Hook onto the Log/LootEvent
    Version 1.0a
    • Added Hint /geo hint | /geo hint cachename the hint for this cache
    • Added Message /geo message | /geo message cachename the message to set
    • Added Help support /help GeoCacher
    • Added Hide option /geo hide|unhide cachename
    • Added More info options /geo info cachename | /geo info
    • Added /geo find cachename
    • Added delete for name /geo delete cachename
    • Rewritten a lot of Things..
    Version 0.9
    • iConomy 5.x
    • Added Money name Variable
    • Add DAO structure for Files
    • Rewritten most of the Code
    • Added Debug Option
    • added Mysqlconfig / DAO (not implemented yet)
    Version 0.7g
    • Fixed chunk null pointer
    Version 0.7f
    • Fixed delete bug, without permissions
    Version 0.7e
    • Removed Dupbug / lootbug
    • Added Underwatercaches (configurable)
    • Added betterhidedeep option
    Version 0.7d
    • Added norangecheckforcustoms to the config for disable Rangechecks
    Version 0.7c
    • Fixed Lootbug if no amount was specified.
    • Fixed Default Lootables
    • Fixed Empty Chest problems
    • Fixed Windows problem with locked Files.. (hopefully)
    Version 0.7
    • Added Loottables amounts
    • Fixed Lootbug with new Autocreated Caches
    • Added Webfrontend Alpha Version (needs a webserver with php)
    • Minor Bugfixes like Searchtool is named etc..
    Version 0.6c
    • Added Broadcastcolor in Config -> broadcastcolor
    • Fixed loottables,loottablesrare -> Format: yml see example config
    • Added Statsize for lootables -> lootstacksize
    • Minor Text corrections / Fixes
    Version 0.6b
    • BOSEconomy Support (Configfile -> useboseconomy: true/false)
    • iConomy Support (Configfile -> useiconomy: true/false)
    • Change to get some money (Configfile -> moneychance: 0-100 %)
    • Minimum of Cash to find (Configfile -> minmoney: value)
    • Maximum Money to add to the Minimum (Configfile -> addmoney: value)
    • Betterhide Option (Configfile -> betterhide: true/false) This will dig the Caches 1-3 Fields deep
    • Betterhide Chance (Configfile -> betterhidechance: 0-100%) Chance to betterhide a Cache
    • Searchtool to use (Configfile -> searchtool: 345) Id of the Searchtool / Defaults to Compass
    • Lot of minor Bugfixes
    • Add /geo webkey <- Gives the User a "Password" to check his Stats on the Webpage
    Version 0.5b
    • Should fix the Multilog / Multiloot bug
    Version 0.5a
    • Fixed the usage of the Plugin without Permission Plugin running
    Version 0.5
    • Fixed Load error if Chunk not Loaded / World not loaded
    • Fixed Error of Cache not able to loot.
    • Upgrade you gc Files with a line
      if you have multiworld, so the Cache now on what world it resides
      Or delete all GC files and Start over
    • Added Compassrightcklick to start search a new Cache if none is selected
    • Added Autolog if you open the Chest
    • Added Config parameters for autolog enabled / autonewcache
    • Added Config parameter for otherthing than a compass to use to search (Worldedit)
      set the searchtool=345 to whatever you like
    Version 0.4
    • Added Broadcast new Caches
    • Added Autogenerated Caches
    • Fixed Display of Decimals
    Version 0.2
    • Added Loottable
    • Added Configparameters
    • Fixed some littles
    • Added delete support
    Version 0.1

    • Initial Version

    Search a GeoCache by type
    /geo find
    /geo find cachename
    Use a Compass (right click) to see how far away you are
    Right Klick with your Compass(Searchtool)
    You can get more infos about the Cache you are hunting by

    /geo info
    /geo info cachename

    If you are in a Range of 3 Blocks write

    /geo log <Your Logmessage for that Cache>
    Now loot the Chest
    Just open the Chest to Autolog it without a message
    you can check the Message leaved on the Box by
    /geo message

    To Create a Cache do
    /geo create CacheName <Cache Description goes here>
    All Commands are listed by
    /help GeoCacher
    Delete a unwanted GeoCache
    /geo delete (only OP or Owner of the Cache , if you stay near a Cache)
    /geo delete cachname

    Get a webkey for a Webinterface
    /geo webkey

    - geocache.create <- Create a new Cache / Delete Owned
    - geocache.search <- Search / Log and get Infos about Caches

    Example Configs:
    neededspace: 75
    enableautocaches: true
    autocachechance: 10
    broadcastnew: true
    autologenabled: true
    autogetnewenabled: true
    searchtool: 345
    betterhide: true
    betterhidechance: 70
    broadcastcolor: 2
    norangecheckforcustoms: false
    betterhidedeep: 10
    underwatercaches: true
    debug: false
    usemysql: false
    usehelp: true

    rarechance: 70
    lootstacksize: 20
    thislootonly: true
    debug: true
    - 91,5
    - 89,5
    - 57,2
    ftfmessage: FTF!! You are the first. You get some Extra Loot!!
    message: You get some Goodies, open the Box now
    rarechance: 70
    lootstacksize: 20
    debug: true
    - 91,5
    - 89,5
    - 57,2
    GeoCacherLootBOSEconomy | GeoCacherLootiConomy:
    addmoney: 70
    moneyname: Bucks
    moneyonftf: true
    debug: true
    minmoney: 70
    moneychance: 101

    lootables and lootablesrare are:
    - itemnumber,amount
    if no amount is given like
    - itemnumber
    it will default to lootstacksize for lootables
    and 1 to lootablesrare

    Add /geo top <- Rankings
    Add /geo showlog <cachename>
    - New geocache [id] has been placed on world X
    Finish MySQL DAO
    Add Interface for Other Plugins (Trackables / Lootables etc)
    Split the Things up to better Maintain it
    After Hooks are made for Log / Loot
    Rewrite Loot / FTF / Rares -> Make new Plugin
    Essentials Eceonomy
    More than one Normal Loot in box
    Add Multiworld enable / disable Support for Caches / Autocaches
    Add Limits for Autocaches per world (X,Z)

    • add trackables? (add some interfaces for extensions) -> Will be another AddOn
    You gonna name it ;-)

    You can test it on our Server:

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    Thomas Bucher

    Absolutly, i will add that to the next Version

    New Version out. Added the Broadcastcolor
    List of Lootables now work.
    Also stacksize can now be configured for the normal lootthings..
    Per Item Stacksize, will maybe made in next version.

    Greetz Thomas

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    very nice, i love this plugin!
  4. How can you set the treasure if no new content is added ?
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    Thomas Bucher

    There is a Defaultlist. But now it works.. See Exampleconfig in Post1

    Thnx Thomas
  6. Great plugin, thomas! As mentioned I would increase the min distance for autocaches greatly, cos it really becomes more interesting if the distances are much larger. I think my suggested 250-300 tiles distance was not enough! Searched my first caches with a distance of 500-1500 and that was a real awesome voyage!

    Even when I read the example of your loottable i still didnt get what the numbers relate to.. are they the item IDs or "slot" of the hardwired loottable? (sry, im a bit tired so maybe i didnt get it)

    Also regarding the loottables I suggest to export them to an own file and make them much more flexible/configurable. The problem with hardwired loottables is that they can interfere too much with a specific server economy. (And i just dont want to give away dia-stuff all the time anyway, hehe!)

    Big thanks for the fucking awesome plugin!
    Keep up the good work!
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    Item IDs work for me.

    One thing I'd like is to have each item have their own stack amount. Currently, normal loot all have the same configurable stack amount, but that doesn't always work well. For instance, maybe I'd like to give 30 torches as a prize, 1 bucket as a prize, 10 sandstone, etc. So, right now, people just win 10 of everything.

    I understand that what I'm asking is an additional layer of complexity.... So, its just something I hope you consider adding in when you're done with your current to-do list.
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    Thomas Bucher

    Its on the List.. Stay tuned for the next Update ;-)

    Sincerly Thomas
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    i use a clock as the search tool, because i use a compass for something else, when a player right clicks with a watch it still says compass in the tip. any way to change this?
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    Thomas Bucher

    Sure, i add this in a future Version. Thnx for the hint.

    Sincerely Thomas
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    i can't seem to delete caches, i'm trying to make a new one but it won't allow me to because one is too close.
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    Thomas Bucher

    Maybe there is still one to close. You delete the Cache with /geo delete ?
    Can you verify /geo delete removed the gc File?
    I tested this right now, and i can delete/replace without any problem..
    /geo delete works for Cacheowner or OP.. you tried to delete Servercaches? or an own one?
    Any Errors in the Log?
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    after a reboot it started working, however i have a new issue, occasionally it keeps sending people to the same cache over and over. so people can just stand in the same spot and keep collecting cash.
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    Thomas Bucher

    I fixed such a bug.. Do you have the latest Version ?
    Sincerely Thomas
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    First of all, nice plugin, I really love it :)

    It works all fine for me, auto-cache generating, logging and looting, but i am not able to delete my own caches. If I type "/geo delete test", i get the message "Unknown console command. Type "help" for help.".
    All other commands works fine: /geo, /geo find, /geo info, /geo create, /geo log message, /geo webkey.

    I am Op on the server, also Admin in Permissions. I am using Bukkit 677 with a few other plugins (if you need a list, tell me please).

    Another question/suggestion:
    Is there a way to get infos about caches without the website? It would be nice to type "/geo info GCtest" and get a litte more informations, like last 3-5 founds+logs, distance from current position (perhaps only with a compass in hand?!). At the moment if I type "/geo info GCtest" i only get information about my current Target-Cache, which is another cache as i wanted informations about (i hope you get the idea).

    ps: please excuse my english/mistakes, i am from germany.
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    Thomas Bucher

    Du stehst einfach zu dem Cache hin, den Du löschen möchtest und schreibst /geo delete
    Kein name nix. Er nimmt den, bei dem Du grad stehst. Oder Du löscht einfach die Datei aus dem GeoCacher Verzeichniss.

    Gruss Thomas

    Hello ;-)
    Just stay to the Cache and write /geo delete , without any additional parameter. You can also delete the File from the GeoCacher Directory in plugins and restart, if you dont want to walk to the onces you wanna deletet

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    Still got the same error-message without any parameters: Unknown command... I just started a conversation with you to avoid spamming the thread with my little problem.
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    Not sure if it's been suggested but possible to add trackables?
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    Thomas Bucher

    I will add that to the Ideas-Section..
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    Wait, did 0.7 fix the bug where, if a chest has nothing in, it will KEEP GIVING YOU that chest?
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    Thomas Bucher

    This should be fixed since 0.7a
    If someone still has such a error, plz post me the content of the gc File.. There may be a problem with Pre 0.5 Caches, i found some not having the WORLD= Tag in it. but it should be Updated automatically.
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    Oh, OK. I should update soon then as I'm still on 0.6c.
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    Thomas Bucher

    Are you using Windows as Server?
    I have some others complaining about problems.. all of them are using Windows. There may be a Problem with file locking on Windows... I am investigating this Problem atm.

    Greetz Thomas
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    There was nothing wrong with me updating - It's just I can't update while my server's up! D:
    My server was up when I posted that, so I couldn't update for the time being.

    Which reminds me.
    I need to update.
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    Hi Thomas, thanks for the awesome plugin. I've just installed it and I'm excited to get it up and running. The only problem is that I can't find the config file. The only thing I see is a GeoCacher.yml file in the GeoCacher.0.7b folder under my plugins folder. I've opened this file with notepad and can edit some of the properties, but it's a little tough to do because of the formatting. Is there another program I should be using? Also, this file doesn't include the loot table.
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    Thomas Bucher

    Hi Benz145
    You can use Notepad. If it is wired formatted, its because unix Newlines..
    Nevermind, just use the Exampleconfig from Post 1.

    If you wanna use Custom Lootables / Lootablesrares, you see howto also in the Example config. For the Defaults, just leave it away.

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    Thanks for the prompt response Thomas. So I can just copy and paste the example config into the GeoCacher.yml file and then configure it from there? Or am I supposed to make a separate file?

    Also, once I turn on auto cache creation, will it create permanent caches (ie: leave chests that remain even when I turn the mod off)?

    So if I understand correctly, items in the 'lootables' list will spawn in the chest every time, and items in the 'lootablesrare' list have a chance to spawn according to the 'rarechance' value?

    Also, is 'autocachechance' the change that an auto cache will be created for each chunk that loads? And if so, does an autocache have a chance to spawn in a chunk every time it is loaded, or will it have a chance only the first time a chunk is loaded?
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    Thomas Bucher

    Correct. just paste it in and set it to your needs.
    Correct. The Empty Boxes will stay in place.. There is no Box removal so far, because Chunks may not be loaded at removal time.
    Correct. One of the lootables list will spawn every time. zero to many of the rares may spawn.
    Correct. The Chance is in x/1000. This is just once. Also it still needs the minimum Range from other caches.

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    Thanks again Thomas. Ok one more question (hopefully). Is the loot determined when the autocache is created, or as it's found? So if I decide to change the loot later, will all boxes change, or only newly created ones?

    You should also consider making the loot system more robust. Here are some suggestions:

    Refine the lists -
    • allloot - all items in this list will be considered for spawning in the chest every time (subject to the specific spawn chance value of each item [see below])
    • possibleloot x - where x is the number of items from the list that you want to be considered for spawning inside the cache every time. So if you have 5 items in the list and x is set to 3, then 3 of the 5 items listed (randomly chosen) will be considered for spawning
    You should also considering allowing a range of stack sizes in the loot tables (with a number between the range randomly chosen for the stack size), for instance:

    which would spawn the item with data value 1, and a random stack size between 20 and 50.

    Here why I kept saying considered: Add a third value to the loot list that would define the chance for an item to spawn, adding even more functionality when combined with the different lists

    This list would guarentee a 5% chance of an item with data value = 3 to spawn as stack stack randomly chosen between 30 and 50, and so on for the other items and their configurations (100 as the last value would guarantee that the item spawns) [as long as it's in the allloot list, anyway]. While a 'possibleloot' list would looking something like this:

    This list would randomly choose 2 of the 3 items listed, then run through their configurations, and still consider their chance to spawn and stack size range.

    Let me know what you think, some of what I just wrote might create redundancies in functionality, but this was just a quick brainstorm, I'm sure I could pair it down if needed. And if I wasn't clear about anything, let me know.

    Thanks for your help and this great mod!
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    Thomas Bucher

    Good morning
    The loot is spawned at Cachelogging. Mean if a user logs the Cache, it spawns the loot from the actual settings.

    1.) By now, it allways takes on loot from loottable. Where you can add the same loot many times. (increase % to get that)

    2.) You can add same item with different Stack sizes (will somehow cover the from - to)

    3.) The Rare loot is special.. If you have a rare chance of 20%, it roles 20 times with a 100 dice, if it hits number 1 it roles a rareloot to add. So possible is that you get 20 rares in a box.. but this would be like a 6 in lotto ;-)

    4.) Also in rareloots the same item can be added more than once.. exmpl. add iron boots 5 times and diamond boots one time. so 1 out of 6 times it will be diamond boots, if you hit boots in the rareloots section.

    I will make myself some thought, bout your suggestions.. i will possibly add some of them.

    Thank you for you help

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    Thanks for the explanation of such functionalities, I think they are a bit less straight forward than are preferable, but I understand that making changes would take a lot of time.

    The issue with rareloot: if I put iron boots in 5 times and diamond boots in once, isn't there a chance that 5 iron boots spawn in the box?

    Adding spawn chance value to each item seems as though it would improve the robustness of the loot options by quite a bit, even if the lists stay the same.

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