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    So me and my friends watched a movie called In Time, "In a future where people use time as currency".

    So he thought that it would be cool to have a mod/plugin for a server with this system.

    In the movie when you first are born you have unlimited time untill the person becomes 20years old. after that they need to find ways to raise their time, like getting a job.

    So I thought that in minecraft the mod will start the player with unlimited time, untill you have been in there for a total time of 10 to 20 hours, then you whould need to have a job, like miner or something, or you already had that job and "saved time" in a bank account which stores the time you have made. By selling blocks and ores to the bank, it will increase your time with what you have earned, so that you will stay on the server.

    In the Movie, if someone kills you while you still have time left you would not "respawn". but in minecraft that just seems rude. It would respawn you as normal, in the spawn area and you still have your time left on you and in the bank.

    You can also rent time from the bank, which will cost more, because of the interest (which can go up or down in percentage of the hour of the day), when you have to pay back for the time you have bought from the bank.

    You should also be able to share the time you have with another player, if he/her is running low on time so they can stay on the server abit more and try to collect more time before it runs out. When time does run out you are banned from the server, untill someone gives you more time to stay alive so you may play on the server again.

    If any plugin maker out there could make this happen, then please do so. Thank you and good luck!

    ps: I'm not a plugin maker myself(soon maybe), nor my friend, we are just gamers with ideas :D
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    I have just decided to make in InTime plugin that is as similar to the movie as I can make it
    at the moment I have a 10 day starting time and when you die in game you lose an hour
    there is the command "/intime" to see how much time you have
    the time is in this format "0 : 9 : 23 : 37 : 10"
    If you are intrested in this message me and I can update you on the progress and suggestions would be awesome
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    Ok suggestion use iConomy change currency name to Hours/Days or whatever and minor currency to the one below that and just make them start with 3000 Hours or whatever, there are then plugins that will withdraw money upon death your solution is solved if you dare to look through the plugin list

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