[IN-DEV] Punisher (A forced mod collaboration plugin)

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by CD3, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Punisher is a plugin that I have continuously scoured Bukkit for. I have found nothing, so Here it is.

    Punisher is a plugin that bans players based on a 100% configurable Scoring system. Different offences of rules can have different (configurable) scores. Once the user accumulates a certain number of points, the user is banned. Simple as that.

    for the Project page, please Click Here.

    Also, Please tell me what additions you need for this plugin.
    Current things:

    - One command
    - Easy to use
    - can have actions (kick,ban,tempban,mute,ect.) assigned to a specific number of points
    - points can be rewarded back
    - players are able to view how many points they have

    - /punish [reason/action] <Player> - This is the admin command used to award points to players.
    - /howclose - the player command, used for checking how many strikes they have, how many strikes until the next action takes place, ect.

    - punisher.command.punish.* - this is the admin command permission. It grants permission to use all reasons.
    - punisher.checkself - this is the node a player must have to use the "/howclose" command.
    - punisher.command.punish[reason] this allows control over what reasons
    - punisher.denypoint - the permission node for a player to be "unpunishable"

    To Do:
    - Player-reported incidents (Ticket System)
    - Automatic detection of rule-breaking where possible (like Spamming, Hacking, ect.)
    - Autocompletion of Usernames
    - any decent suggestion
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    I found one
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    Punishmental has nothing to do with the one he is making...
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