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    Hello all. I searched around but did not see any mod of this type.

    After playing for a while with wolves, I have to admit I was a little disappointed. They tend to hurt themselves pretty frequently (falling off cliffs, walking through fire, etc). The really difficult part is that it takes so much food to heal them. Pork is the only thing that heals them, and only 1.5 hearts at a time. It's non stackable and pretty "expensive" (compared to other foods).

    I guess some people might view wolves as "disposable" buffs that you can pick up from time to time, but not me - I prefer them as a long term pet/companion. However it's virtually impossible to go on a decent expedition with your canine companion and keep them alive.

    I propose a mod to make wolves a little easier to manage. Ideally it would be great to see improved AI/pathfinding that does not jump off cliffs, fall down potholes or walk through fire. I realise however, this is either difficult or impossible. So if not, at least the mod could allow wolves to eat other food such as bread (believe me, dogs are not fussy about what they eat) and heal more at a time. Currently it takes 6 pork to heal a near-death wolf. I think bringing this more in line with the level of healing for players would be good. Perhaps they could also regain some health each time they kill a foe (just a thought).

    I'm certain there are other small tweaks that could work well in improving how wolves work without too much effort on the modder's behalf. Any suggestions are welcome.

    Thank you for reading.
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    I believe that World Guard has a feature where there is anti-wolf dumbness. I'm not sure how well it works but it may be worth a try.
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    What about plugin that will make wolves automatically consume dropped pork if they are hurt? So you simply hit a pig and wolves will kill it and automatically heal from dropped pork.
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    that would be awesome..When first having a wolf I thought they were able to consume pork I throwed into their face.
    I were wrong, merely rightclicking them until the player itself eats it can give me hints on how "full" the dog is :/
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    I wrote a plugin that turns off the stupid damage on wolves (since WG's function didn't work), and adding the healing (at least the player-level healing ability, not sure about picking up dropped pork) shouldn't be too difficult. I'm a newbie, though, so I don't know how to do configs yet. I'll put up a link to it when I get home if you'd like.
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    !! as i wanted to set creeper damage off in worldguard i found something interesting:

    anti-wolf-dumbness: true

    It works!
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    So you found it. Does it work that well?
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    Cool, I'd like to see this mod, mik.

    The option in worldguard sounds interesting but I can't find any documentation on what it does, and I don't really need any of the other features of the mod.

    Interesting idea... although I think this could be annoying for players who need to collect some pork for themselves and don't wish for their doggies to steal it first.
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    I support this idea.
    If it could limit the amount of wolves as well this would be very cool.
    Maybe even when you feed a wolf it prints in chat it's HP?
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    It stays off cliffs and does not run into lava, unless you are taking a bath in a lava tub.
    The wolf teleports a lot if you jump off cliffs.
    It does work actually very fine.
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    Took the plunge and am writing my own plugin for this now.

    Just got done with this: HappyWolf 0.1
    I'll submit it as a proper plugin when I have a bit more time and have extend the functionality to something beyond super-basic. Currently it just disables fall and fire damage for all wolves.

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