Immense Server Lag on World Change?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by turqmelon, Oct 16, 2011.

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    I'm using the same setup as I have always been, but since 1317 the server either lags or crashes when me/other players try to switch worlds. I'm using MV-Core and MV-Portals for my multiworld, but this also happens when I warp between worlds. Any ideas?
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    Console errors ? Send your log file :)
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    That's the weird thing, I have 0 console errors. I'll send it anyway though:

    <Server is running atm, I'll update this next time I restart it>
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    I have the EXACT same issue. No errors etc... just mega lag going from Survival to Freebuild. I also use Multiverse and MultiINV

    By chance are you using AdminCMD? that was causing a ton of crashes for me as well. I am now using Bukkit 1339 and the latest Dev version of AdminCMD, although I am still getting a ton of errors related to AdminCMD it seems to be stable for now. My server has been up for 3 hours with about 30 - 40 users on.
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    I'm not using AdminCMD, but it seems it only happens when I use the portals or warp between weird. It's really strange.
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    one of my Admins went through something simlar. Infact he was stuck in freebuild and everytime he used a stargate to get back to the survival world he would die. He would even die if he used /home or if I did /tphere it was strange. The fix was to delete his player file in the world folder and when he logged on he was able to stargate around again.
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    Thanks for the tip! I'll have to try that. :)
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    I get the same, extremely slow teleports between worlds. No lag as the chat continues fine and I can do /who and get a list returned before teleporting.

    I only use MV-Core and MV-Portals, I do not use MultiInv
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    Tried deleting my player file in both worlds with no luck. Since MV seems to be causing the issue, does anyone know any other possible solutions? Thanks.
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    mv update is the solution maybe
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    I also have this problem and we think that is has something to do with the '*' permission. I am not sure about this but, it only seems to happen to players that have it.
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    bug in pex
    update pex to the dev build.
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