Immense Lag on Join/Leave/Respawn

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Retricide, Dec 16, 2011.

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    Hey all,
    I've noticed a recurring trend recently. I'm not sure whether it's due to bukkit or the plugins I'm running, and any potential conflicts or overlapping plugins that handle those events, but I've been noticing an immense amount of lag on player join/leave/respawn.
    Anyone else had a similar issue? I've been running a server for months, with largely the same plugins, and haven't encountered a lag issue with this.
    System specs:
    16GM RAM, i7, Linux - CentOS, 1TB Harddrive.
    CB#1597 (RB)
    If you're having a similar issue, please compare your plugins with what I'm running. Any similarities could indicate that the problem is plugin related, potentially.
    Plugins: (open)

    HeroChat, GroupManager, FalseBookCart, Lift, WebAuction, MobDisguise, FalseBookCore, Buycraft, Vault, SuperSpawn, MineBackup, CommandSigns, Spout, LogBlockQuestioner, iConomy, VoxelSniper, Permissions, Minequery, HeroicDeath, MCTowns, Dynamic Shop, Essentials, WorldGuard, Multiverse-Core, RemoteToolkitPlugin, AntiBuild, Lockette, Ptweaks, WorldBorder, FalseBookBlock, WorldEdit, PlgLogCmd, NoCheat, MagicCarpet, Votifier, Multiverse-Portals, mcMMO, FalseBookExtra, LogBlock, MobBounty, Register, dynmap, Jobs

    Cheers and thanks,
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    I've started to encounter lag when either me or the other admin join our server. The server will pause for about 20 seconds while we join. I suspect it is to due with it assigning us all the permissions we have since the problem does not occur for other users, although I have not taken it any further.
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    easiest thing to do is go through and check which plugin is causing the issue. I'd check mcMMO, GM, Perms first as depending on the number of files/how much they have saved they may take a while to load player info. Or really check any plugin that loads/stores player information.

    Vault had a slow startup, but that was fixed in the latest versions and only paused at initial startup, not when someone joins the server.
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    Do you use Pex? If yes it will cause the lags thru multi inheritance and resolving the Permissions. Try smth flat like bPerms if you want to get rid of the lags.

    And yes: I have tested this to no limit with my own Server and it came down to Pex. Switching to bPerms solved the lags.
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    After testing 15-some plugins, whom I suspected would call or use the respawn methods, I decided to test some unlikely suspects.
    I can confirm, 100%, that my problem was caused by DynamicShop. Not sure why, but it undoubtably is.
    I'm curious if anyone else has had a similar problem with DynamicShop - could be I have a conflicting plugin that interferes with how DynamicShop works and maybe forces it to call methods it shouldn't be...?

    Personally, I'm at a loss for explaining how it could be DynamicShop, but I'm sure it is.
    If anyone else uses DynamicShop, I'd be curious to hear their experiences.
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