I'm sorry, Dave, but I cannot let you do that.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Wirsbo, Aug 15, 2011.

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    The title says a line my bukkit-cmd keeps saying when I try to stop the server. Nobody could connect to the server (they could 10 minutes before I restarted the server and added the newest bukkit(1060)) so I tried to stop the server, but the cmd just said "I'm sorry, Dave, but I cannot let you do that."... This freaks me out, how should I now be able to play on my server with my friends? I really hope this will not affect the world and the plugins, as it took really long to set it up... How do I fix this? And why does this happen? Thanks. Oh, and also, weird stuff are going on in my server. Random sand-blocks spawns and animals attacks people, and people randomly sets on fire, does this have anything to do with it? If not, ignore the last lines xD


    EDIT: And my name is not Dave!
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    It means you're not an Op. It's happening to me too, but I don't use a console. This build seems a little buggy.
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    "I'm sorry Dave" is from the awesome movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. ^ do what that guy said.
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    Yeah, I've noticed a bit more...unusual command responses lately, especially in dev builds. Though your problem seems to be a bit more complex than that. Your world appears to be corrupt based off of the glimpse of an error at the top. Having any other issues with the server?
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    Im trying to type "say something" from MCTelnet terminal and also got that. I cant talk from MCTelnet terminal anymore. Hope someone come with a fix.
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    I modified one of my singleplayer worlds with MCEdit and placed it in my bukkit directory, getting the same error messages....anyway to fix that?
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    im getting it to. Whenever i try to update my whitelist. using /whitelist add
    I am an op. I even try to do it in console and it doesnt let me
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    This bug is a bummer. I wouldn't recommend the latest recommended build (#1060), that is if you use any of the vanilla commands at all like say or whitelist.
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    same here
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    G1R Productions

    This is stupid glitch ever i cant even stop my server. This error should be fixed asap as it is not something to be looked at lightly.
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    Guys this just means you dont have permission to use the command
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    no because I am an op, and ops have all permissions. I also gave myself all permissions in my permissions plugin. still no dice.
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    If the console has not the permission who has ?
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    Oh sorry didnt know you tried the console,well then i dont know because i dont have a problem with this sorry for false info
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    No problem, try to whitelist someone with the console, does this work ?
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    updating to build 1064 works and doesn't break any of the over 15 plugins that I use. problem solved.
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    I have this problem as well, but only for non-ops.. Ops and console works perfectly.
    However, it's plain embarrasing to have a message like that on a live server.

    I've tried both 1060 on which I first got it and also 1064 as suggested by Pirate43's.
    No difference between them.

    Any solution to this?
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    Also happens for some commands of my plugin on 1118 (1.8 build).

    Plugin checks if command sender is a player. If is, it will do player.hasPermissions check, otherwise it will always allow command.

    But i get this message even when typing commands from console. And I never print that text out and i doubt that bukkit itself should be printing it out for anything else than vanilla commands. And i same function for all commands, with only permission string changed. But still some commands work and some not,
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