I'm looking for a simple fly plugin

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by iakelclaudiu, Jun 29, 2011.

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    As the thread name say, i'm looking for a simple fly plugin. I know out there are so many of them but no one is what i am looking for [or i have not found it yet]

    What i want it's to stay in one place in the air, not fly around above the world.
    Just for building.

    Can you help me please.
    With all due respect,
    MC name: Chicago.
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    Worldedit, /up #ofblocks
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    Or just get Zombe mod pack and set allow-flight = true to false in the server properties file. then get NoCheat and just give your group the permission node if you have permissions so that only you can fly or whatever group you specify.
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    The best is prob the Zombe mod, but it is client side, if you want easier maybe Voxelair. WorldEdit isn't exactly flying, but it is a more precise way, thus usually quicker way of getting around.
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