im building a Trolling Plugin

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by DeStickyOne, Dec 7, 2013.

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    Got Some ideas for Trolls ?
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    Flip the chat:

    if a user says "Hello my name is CaL" it would Say "LaC si eman ym olleH" or something like that would be funny, But at a random time so not all text is flipped.
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    Moved to what seems to be the correct section.
  5. My personal favorite troll that I've made thats chat based is I convert every 8th message into pig-latin.
    For non-chat based trolls, there are tonnss!!
    Like make the player in a pumpkin, and set a region around it with WorldGuard and then procede to flag it to disable leaving and disable all commands. Then give the player a small window to look upon the world. He is stuck >:3
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    best troll is when you can talk for others like /say NAME text and it says it to all =D
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    Flaming Dragon Fist Could you PM me the code for that? I wanna see how you managed that xD
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    trolling eh?

    nobody will play on server where operators abuse power, trolling plugin shoud never under any circumstances directly effect player.

    trap inside WE region - leave and never return
    disallow chat - leave and never return
    just kill - same

    ghostly mobs that swarm player but die in single hit and do no damage\knockback is OK
    sounds and notes is OK
    killing\trapping\teleporting not ok
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    but mine was ok =)?
  11. sgavster
    The Chat based one or the pumpkin?
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    A diamond hoe which spawns a flying creeper.
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