I'm a noob, and i want to make a server.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ChucklesTHC, Jun 25, 2012.

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    The title speaks for itself. I'm a noob to server hosting. The kind of server i want to make doesn't matter, and plugins aren't my concern at this point. Right now, i need the basics. How do i host it?

    I know perfectly well that my computer can not host a server, which means i need a server hoster. Which means i need money. I'm fine with this. But, people can donate. So maybe i should open a paypal account?

    What i'm trying to say is, i don't understand. Do i give the server host a file, and they do all the work? Do they host the server, but i have to do all the coding? In a nutshell, what do i do to start?

    I know this was vague, but i really have no idea.
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    Well, what will happen is you pay for the host, then you get a program called teamviewer which lets you onto others computers, you create a password, then you can remote control your server from your cpu even tho its actually running on the hosts cpu. So you still have the freedom to do plugins and set it up, iots just not on your cpu.
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    Okay, that makes sense. Another question, should i set up the server and stuff before giving it to the host? Or giving it too the host should be the first thing i do?
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    depends on what they ask for, normally u will pay first, then do everything with the server afterwards, u can make the server on you cpu with all the files, then transfer it to the host cpu if u waqnt
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    Which option would be easiest?
    Also, do you know of a good server hoster?
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    why should he get teamviewer for that?
    you usually connect to a webinterface. And he dont transfer anything to a cpu.

    After you paid the rent for a server you will get your login data via email, if you got a good hoster you also get access to your own ftp where you can upload your files.

    Most hoster i know offer you a webinterface for starting and stopping etc your server.
    if you only want to play without any plugin you just start the server and play survival like in singleplayer.
    no coding, no files.
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    It depends on how much you want to manage versus how big your server will be.

    For starting off a new server I might recommend BeastNode (or any similar minecraft server host). Basically they will manage the server for you and give you FTP access so you can upload/download files and a control panel on their web site to start/stop your server. This is a simple setup to manage, and their prices are reasonable.

    The nice thing about Minecraft-specific hosts is they will basically setup the server for you, and you just install plugins/tweak things.

    If you want to host a more professional or larger server you'll want a VPS (or an actual dedicated server if you are seriously-serious); What happens here is you are basically given an admin account on a server that you manage remotely. These are more powerful, but also more expensive and far more difficult to maintain. It's your responsibility to install apps you need and secure the box, as well as setup user accounts/etc. If you know how to do this, then by all means.

    One note, you can always move hosts if you find one isn't meeting your needs, find out if they offer some kind of 30-day/etc. refund before purchasing a server. I made this mistake once and tossed $40 down the drain for a server that didn't meet my needs.

    Finally, don't expect people to donate to your server. It might happen, but you definitely shouldn't plan on it to cover hosting costs.
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    My replies are in bold.
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    You log into a web site to manage the server, you also get FTP access to move your files to/from the server. (If you don't know what FTP is, giyf. I recommend FileZilla's client) This is everything you will need to manage a basic server.-

    If you use x-RayHosting I'd recommend cutting their recommended players in half based on their RAM allocations. This is just my opinion. Keeping that in mind, any package (cut in half) will work fine for the amount of players it says it will.

    I explained about VPS/Dedicated hosting because eventually you might want to move to it if your server takes off, and also so others could see the explanation. I don't think you need a VPS right now.
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