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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Gman2261, Dec 5, 2014.

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    Does anybody know a good IDE to work off of? I tried Skepter Craftbukkit and JRE, but neither is working out for me. I am part of a server project called Don't Dig Down and need a workspace. Please help me!
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  3. Gman2261
    Eclipse is probably the most commonly used. IntelliJ is a good option too, and NetBeans. It's just a preference in my opinion.
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    I would say Eclipse because IntelliJ compiles all the dependencies you have.
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    Gman2261 I prefer Eclipse for you. It is easy to use.
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    So you berate the better build system just because you can't use it? Classic.

    Also, you should be using Maven (or something similar) for any real project anyway, which is completely independent of your IDE.
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    I feel like Eclipse has an easier learning curve. But IntelliJ's code editor is far superior than Eclipse's.
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    I like Netbeans. Eclipse has just never been my 'thing', as the people I associate with would say. I'd have to say Eclipse has a better code editor, and Netbeans is ugly as a dog's rear, but Eclipse is sloooooooow on Windows. Reaction times are slooooow.
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    IntelliJ. Superior to Eclipse.
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    We can argue all day and say "my favorite IDE is obviously superior to all of your inferior IDEs" and cause flamewars and stuff; but the truth is that it really depends on your needs and wants.

    In my completely own opinion:
    Eclipse is...
    • Best for newbie developers.
    • Easiest to get used to.
    • The most "portable" (you can put Eclipse onto a thumbdrive and have it work on almost any computer)
    IntelliJ is...
    • Better for more intermediate to advance developers.
    • A lot faster than Eclipse.
    • The code editor is beautiful.
    I've never used Netbeans, but from the cover, it looks more geared towards enterprise or just really advanced development.
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    I have always hated change but this discussion makes me want to try out IntelliJ. Waiting for it to finish downloading :p
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    Skionz It has a steeper learning curve than Eclipse. Personally I didn't like it the first time I tried it, but I gave it another chance, and once I got to know it I just didn't wanna change back. Speeds up the development process greatly.
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    First person I've seen on here who uses netbeans. Best IDE
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    Rocoty Just got it an so far it is really nice. Mainly because it gives you a list of classes when creating a new object unlike in eclipse and I like how the methods are laid out with the return type aligned to the right.
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    Ermagurd we are like twins :p
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