[IDEA/REQUEST] Plugin for viewing all usable permission nodes

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    A plugin for viewing all usable permission nodes
    My request: I really need a plugin that can show me all the permission nodes I can use. It would be so much easier for a server owner if he could have a plugin generate a file automatically when permission nodes is registered. As I am not a bukkit developer I don't know if it is possible, but as I do have experience as a java coder I think that it is.

    How I think it should work:
    A server owner or admin/moderator should be able to type in a command like /permgen, /allperms or /permissionnodes. Then the plugin should generate a file in either the core or the plugins folder. Now the owner can view all permissions. But if admins/moderators should be able to use it in-game that would require the plugin to be able to show all permission nodes sorted in pages as they can't all be listed on the screen any way else.

    Thanks for reading my thread. If you use this idea, please create a link on the plugin page that leads to this thread. Also please reply with your opinion on this idea!
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    This is funny. Was working with permissions yesterday and it's very easy to get all the registered permissions from Bukkit.

    Set allPerms = this.getServer().getPluginManager().getPermissions();
    If someone wants to pick this up all you need is the above code. This will place all the permissions inside a Set. If no one want's to pick this up I could probably make something this weekend.
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    Thanks a lot :)
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    Just give them permissions to access /pex user if you use PermissionsEX.They could view their own permissions.
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    This would make life as a server owner easier... I have found myself searching through the plugins for those permission nodes from that plugin i downloaded a month or more ago haha
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    I'm not talking about viewing the permissions you have. I'm talking of viewing all permissions available for use.

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    I might make it.
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    Thank you -_Husky_- :)
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    Go go @-_Husky_- . You know how to get in touch with me if you need help. But don't think this is something that hard :)
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    Thanks @dadaemon

    Only issue, the in-game list, not sure how I could sort them, any ideas @dadaemon

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    like /permlist <1>
    then have them print in 5's
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    You could just use a SortedSet like a TreeSet.

    Set<String> set =

    Everything put into this set is automaticaly sorted. (See: http://www.kodejava.org/examples/277.html)
    If you sort it alphabetically it also groups the permissions per plugin.

    And showing the perms in game is just not doable. The permission strings are just too large. I should focus on the export first.
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    @-_Husky_- Also, a permission for using the plugin would be nice :)

    Oh. But a plugin witch exports it would still be nice :)
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    that's what i was thinking, lol anyway, will work on it soon.
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    From what I can tell you are simply requesting a plugin that will display all permission nodes? Well this plugin puts them all into a text file fore you to copy and paste! You just can't view them In-Game?
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    Thank you <333

    But does it work for 1.2.5?
    Because on the thread it says [1185]
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