(Idea) NPC shop alla SWG and UO!

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    This is just an idea, if there are any plugins out there that does this please let me know and i'll remove this post.

    Plugin category: Economy/Shop​

    Suggested name: NPCPlayerShop​

    What I want: The idea is to have player be able to buy a deed to place an npc in their house/store. The npc should be "re deedable" so you can move him, but only when inventory is empty. The npc will also have an ajustable cost, the more npc shops you have the more the upkeep will cost (should all be ajustable)​
    The shop itself should be able to hold multiple types of items but have a limit on how much stock a shop can have. the shop should also be able to buy items the owner might need from another player for a set price that the owner sets. if the npc is set to buy stuff this should be informed if another player comes within a sertain range and preferably before it is clicked wich should open the shop item list itself. Should have a text based menu system for listing items and prices, could also have an option for spoutcraft gui.​
    The npc shop and information should be stored in a database for my case that would be preferably mysql but i gues any db would do?​
    The shop needs to automatticaly close if the player moves so you cant abuse it by going to the shop open it then leave and buy stuff at a distance.​
    Ideas for commands: I dont know what would be suitable commands?​

    Ideas for permissions: There should be an ability to set if a player is alowed to place an npc shop or not maby even buy the deed itself.​

    Similar plugin requests: NPC-Trader 2.0 (Innactive)http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/npctrader-2-0/
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    Does no one know of a script that is kind of like this that works or would like to try making one :) Gues it might be to much work

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