[IDEA] Ive Got an idea, interesting one too :D

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by TopGear93, Sep 30, 2011.

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    Ok ive been thinking about creating another potential public plugin system, BUT before i can start this i want to get opinions and maybe see if its even possible.

    My idea is to make an identity plugin. Basically the plugin would act like your records at school, the card can transfer info from server to server ONLY if the server is using the plugin.

    What i want to do is be able to somehow gether the players.dat file and be able to transfer it from server to server. do this with the spout client and have it download the player.dat into a special area and when the player joins another server it will upload it to that location and keeping all players inventory, maybe have it overrite the players's dat if its new / same / etc.
    Maybe if there was a way to transfer LWC & other plugin info.

    Also the plugin will have a id card. so when the admin or whomever types the command /ukm <player> it will send the card message on the screen like this

    Player: TopGear93
    Age: 18
    Drinker: No
    Smoker: No
    Gambler: Yes
    Favorite Color: Green
    Experience: Alpha 1.2.6
    Location: USA
    State: Mass
    Town: Sandisfield
    County: Berkshire County
    School: MMRHS
    Major: Botony & Forestry
    Favorite Food: Chinese
    Favorite Subject: English
    Other Hobbies: Forestry , coding , eating , talking , working

    YES i know this is too long but you get the idea. you can add what ever you want to your card!

    Plugin Name: UKnowMe

    @Afforess is spout capable of pulling server files and copying them? i.e. the .dat files?
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