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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by pvtv3ga, Apr 3, 2011.

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    For a while now, my friends and I have been wanting an economy system on our server and I had heard of iConomy but had never tried to tangle with MySQL. Today, I decided to try it out. I followed the developer's tutorial as well as some tutorials made by other users, but I am baffled by this 'MySQL' stuff. I probably sound pretty stupid, but I can setup everything until it comes to MySQL. I've created a MySQL database at db4free.net but I have no clue what that does or what it means. Furthermore, when I try to load the server it says that it failed to load databse when trying to load the iConomy plugin.

    If someone would be kind enough to explain to me step by step how to setup this iConomy plugin I would be greatful. I was able to get ChestShops working but it's kind of useless without iConomy :p

    Thank you!
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    What are you running your server on? And you need to have your database local, as far as I know.
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