iConomy Direction & Changes?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Nijikokun, Jun 10, 2011.


What should happen with iConomy?

  1. Keep the current code and continue fixing bugs.

  2. Remove banks and re-code the base.

  3. Keep banks and re-code the base.

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    Since I can't just add a poll to the iConomy thread, I seriously have to make a whole new thread.
    So with that said, This is a poll regarding the Direction that iConomy is to take.

    Some things that I enjoy about iConomy:
    It's simple, easy to use, and doesn't take much to start programming with.

    Some things that I hate about it:
    It's somewhat modular, but it could be coded better. I started re-programming some of it, but adding banks in kind of fudged that up. With that being said, I dislike how banks are done, as I really rushed to put them in.

    So, I'm wondering if I should remove the Banks, and recode the base in a more modular thought out way, as well as listening to the community for direction on how some things should be done, and how other things could be better done such as commands, I have a new command parser that puts them in seperate classes but the command line could be broken up and done into seperate commands.

    There are a few options in the poll so let me know, also leave feedback!!

    This is for you guys to give ACTUAL feedback, not bug reports or errors, please do not post them here, I will report you and get the post deleted that should be done in the official plugin thread. Thank you.
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    I believe the banks should be removed and you should work on the base of iConomy. We should leave the banks up to 3rd party plugins and you should focus on making iConomy a more flexible and as you said "modular" plugin. When I think of iConomy I almost think of it as the Permissions of economy because of all its branches and only it is really the basis. It's important to focus on what matters most, and the basis of iConomy is important for the future of flexibility. :)
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    I've not yet really seen a purpose behind using banks, other than if users could pool their money in a clan bank/etc. For the most part though, users just keep money in their pocket, and that works decently for most of my purposes.

    That said, I don't mind them as an option, I just haven't had a need for banks so far.
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    I voted remove banks. I've disabled them anyway.

    I wish there was per world balances (even mentioned this as a feature req on github) as I have a world which is totally separated from other worlds. However, I cannot use iconomy in that world since the balance can be affected by the others. Obviously the iconomy using plugins would either need to be aware of multiworld iconomy balances or by default a withdrawl from a player balance will be the world they're currently in. Sending money to a player would be based on the world the sender is in by default. You'd also have the option to pair worlds up to share their balances.
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    i am in agreement with this. keep the banks as a separate thing (as another plugin, or let someone else do it :))
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    Alright so the majority of users are saying that they want the banks gone, I think this is the way I am going to be going. As for seperate world values, I may make it optional on the re-write
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    I was very happy when i saw that you introduced banks in iConomy. I had the idea of buildings banks ingame (we have contemporary RP) where players can open accounts and deposit/withdraw using a plugin called ATM (= ability to use signs instead of commands) and get interests.

    I really hope that you'll bring back the bank system soon ;)
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    I never used banks in my server so I say get rid of them and recode.
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    Banks, though we do not use them are something that some servers may want. However I do not think it should be in the core economy system, as stated before banks should be a separate plugin all together that uses the API of the economy system as this would allow for a vast variety of banking systems and plenty of choices for servers to customize and chose how they're servers work with them. Similar to banks I would say if you really wanted to you can break things down a bit and create the iConomy core to be a pure economy system, create a module for banks, auctions, commands etc. in pieces that go along with iConomy and it would be rather nice. Similar to how things like minecart mania and essentials (though I hate essentials I have to give it credit here) do in theyre systems. Core then expansions.

    So my vote, work on the core, scrap the implemented banks.
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    I'm going to honest with you, Nijikokun.
    Before banks iconomy was the best plugin for us to develop with...
    You should talk with the bukkits develop team and make iconomy the OFFICIAL economy API.
    You're a great coder and your plugin is THE economy plugin, lets make it official !!!!
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    @Nijikokun I agree with @Sammy
    You should discuss this immediately and get this to be the only official economy API for now...
    Once minecraft updates, there may be some VERY new things in craftbukkit... So for now i vote Make it official until something VERY new comes along :)
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    I've never used banks, and I don't really see the need. I don't think that the plugin needs a re-write, as I have hooked into it fine, but as I said banks don't really have a place in the iConomy API IMHO.
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    The banks could always be grabbed from another plugin, you just gotta worry about your own code.
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    Well, it would be the best move, using iconomy as the economy API, everyone loves it and uses it.
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    I've seen quite a few servers that do use banks, as is evident with the 600~ downloads of my ATM plugin, which mostly deals with working with iConomy banks.

    Chris :cool:
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    Banks will be removed however, they are useful indeed, but it would be better as a plugin and easier to make as a plugin.
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