Ice Torch, Instant Freeze/Instant Evaporate

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    On my server, one of my worlds is an iceball - All of the stone has been replaced with Ice, and I use some plugins to make Ice not turn into water when broken and drop when broken. However, it's a real pain to do anything since torches can't be put on ice blocks.

    Is it possible to make torches stick to ice blocks?

    Second, and a bit simpler: I'd like a multi-world instant freeze/instant evaporate for water (Since I also have a sand world, and it is likely easier to combine the two into one plugin). When you place the water on a world, have it either instantly evaporate like what happens in the Nether or have it instantly turn into Ice.

    Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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    Wrong section move to the plugin requests sub-forum
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    /me facepalms.

    It's what I get for having two tabs open. Sorry.
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    Moved to Plugin Requests

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