Ice is Out of Control!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by larkija, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Hi everyone. I'm having a bit of a problem on my server.
    I started it a while ago, back when ice didn't spread. Now, recently, ice has been spawning like crazy around all my important cities and villages. I used to have water fountains and canals, now I have ice sculptures and ice rinks. Is there any way to stop the ice from spawning? Or is there a way to change biomes and change the snow to rain?
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    Check the plugin release, there is a plugin working as a weather
    /weather set normal
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    Nope, its not that. Water freezes regardless if its snowing or not.
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    I also have crazy ice showing up where it never was before. And the water refreezes without there being any weather. I have no plugins related to weather either.
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    Yes, someone made a topic about that too. Seems to be happening to others as well including me.
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    So is there anything out there that can fix this? My canals are pretty much useless until I find something. :(
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    This is a problem with Minecraft's biome system with older maps generated before Alpha 1.2.

    The only fix I know is starting a brand new world and if you want you can use the same seed as the previous world.
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    Darn... I've done a lot with it. Are you sure that's the only way?
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    Sadly, yes.
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    If I restart the map, is there any way I could put everything back to where it was in the older one?
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    Yes, you can use MCEdit to export all your important buildings to schematics and then import them in the new map.
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    Ok, 2 things before I try doing this. 1, I'm guessing the warps will still work? And 2, what if my world is fairly large? How would I get everything to where they were if the map doesn't generate the same way?
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    /thaw (radius) Anyone?
    WorldEdit bro.
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    It's cause 1.6 did something to the seeds that messed them up. If you add your worlds' seed to level-seed in and reload, it should be fixed.
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    I tried this without any luck. The ice is relentless! We have a 6000x6000 map and it feels like one giant winter biome. Lame.
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    Yeah, I have /thaw and WorldEdit. It's pretty annoying to build when I have to use it every 10 seconds.
    I'll try using the suggestion with the seed. Where can I find that again?

    UPDATE: Nope, sadly it doesn't work for me. It still comes back, even after thawing a 500 radius. :(
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    Actually, I found out that ice melts and doesn't spawn when it's raining. Maybe there's a way to change the snowing to raining?
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    This thing with the ice is really beginning to piss me off. We have done a LOT of awesome things on our server, and I would hate to think that it may all be gone just because Notch had to bend us all over and fuck us again. I'm nearly to the point where this game is going to the trash bin and never be played again. This is just ridiculous.
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    This is a beta game, yes it sucks that things fuck up but that is why it is labelled as beta.
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    I have the same problem, I was hoping there were something like seasons =P

    My map was generated at like 1.2 beta, so it's not just with alpha maps.
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    Bukkit has support for plugins to prevent this from happening. One of the latest versions of WorldGuard makes use of the new API available in the latest RB (#935), among many other plugins.
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