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  1. So, in making a server and its an RPG type of server and We need a chat that is local, global, yell, whisper, tell. I don't care what the name is but the plugin needs to have a local chat that doesn't need a command because when player types in chat they automatically type in local chat, this chat needs to have a range that can be changed in the config. then for global chat, the command should be able to be changed in config so if someone wants to talk in global chat which the message will be sent to the whole server no radius so if someone wanted to talk to the whole server out of character no up they would put /OOC in front of their message and then it would send that message with a prefix that can be changed in config supporting color. If a player doesn't puts /OOC in front of their message their message will just be sent in local chat. the chats need to be able to be configured and changed, both chats need to have a prefix that can be changed and support color code such as "[local] JohnnySanderss: This is a message for local". the same thing for global but its just global but I can change the prefix from [local] to something like (Nearby chat) or something like that. the plugin doesn't need to have whisper or yell but here are some examples of commands cfg ideas. also if you could add something that puts periods at the end of messages automatically if they don't already have a period that would be amazing but doesn't need to be added.

    Player Types A message normally: "James we need to get to the camp immediately before the blood moon comes" What will show up in chat will be "[LOOC] {Player-Name}: James we need to get the camp immediately before the blood moon comes." The looc chat prefix could be changed in the config and the player did not type any commands

    Player Types A Message with /ooc or the command in config before message: "/ooc Hey everyone, does anyone want to hop on discord to rp together" that was what the player type but what would show up in chat would be something like "[
    OOC] {Player-Name}: Hey everyone, does anyone want to hop on discord to rp together." same with the local chat the prefix could be changed in config but the player did put a command infront oh their message so it was in ooc chat/global chat

    for the config examples its not in code but it would be like this

    local-prefix: '&f[&f&lLOOC&r&f]'

    the prefix would look like [LOOC]

    global-prefix: '&f[&f&lOOC&r&f]'
    the prefix would look like [OOC]

    the prefix would just go at the very beginning of the message.

    I would like this as soon as possible if you can I need this soon! Please and thank you.
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    @cuzitsjonny Why an INI file and not a YML like the ones that Bukkit supports already?
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    @timtower Because in my opinion YAML is a perfect compromise between a data storage and config, but there are file formats better suited for config files (like INI).

    Also I got an INI wrapper already lying around. :p
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    @cuzitsjonny Ini is only 1 level deep though, YAML till you run out of storage :p
    When you get bigger plugins with lists then ini will lose to yaml.
  6. @cuzitsjonny Thank you so much, one thing that i forgot to mention is im using a plugin (https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/rolecraft) and it is a whole rpg plugin and it has prefixs that are added to the message like their race and level but with the chat it removes the rolecraft prefixes is there a way where there can be all of them and change how they show like [ooc] Human {name} lvl1: so there can be multiple prefixes from other plugins and if you can add a yell and whisper function that is like local but yell increases the range and whisper decreases the range? something that would be fun too is if there was a /tell that was jusst a message to someone but wasnt /msg it was /tell thats really just for fun dosnt need to be added and thanks again
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    @JohnnySanderss It's possible, yes. I would have to write an integration for RoleCraft. I can add the variables %class% and %level% to the config, so you can put it in the message format wherever you want. This will probably take another day though.
  8. @cuzitsjonny Yes that's fine as long as it is fine for you.

    I don't know if this is important or not but I use luck perms for permissions and user rank prefixes but if you wanted to add a part were I can add prefixes from ranks of luck perms then that be cool because if someone did donate that would be nice if they could have a rank prefix but it doesn't need to be added because it is an rpg server, add it if you want to. :) thanks and sorry for keep adding/suggesting stuff.[diamond]

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    @JohnnySanderss First of all I'm gonna finish the Rolecraft integration and the commands whisper and yell. You can then test if it fits your needs. Once those features are approved by you, I'll have a look at LuckPerms to write an integration for that.
    Also... You're welcome! :D

    @JohnnySanderss Alright, I finished the commands, and the Rolecraft integration. I also updated the links in the quoted message.
    Tell me if it's okay like this.
    Remember to delete the config.ini and restart your server when replacing the old plugin JAR with the new one.
    The plugin needs to create a new config file.
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  10. @cuzitsjonny It works perfectly, I don't think it needs anything besides luck perms right now. and yes thank you <3
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    @JohnnySanderss You're welcome, glad to hear that.
    So next thing to implement will be a LuckPerms integration.
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    @JohnnySanderss I just finished the Vault integration to get prefixes and suffixes from LuckPerms. The links are updated and still the same.
    Enjoy! :)
  13. Okay great! I do not have access to a computer to check it out because I am on a meeting trip talking to people about boring hosting stuff but when I get back which should be a day or two, I will check it out so far its been great so im sure this update will be too. I will get back to you when I get more information. :) Thank you so much
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  15. The plugin is working so far, and nice. :) Thanks for helping out and making the plugin.

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