iBukkit - Set up a Bukkit Server by just clicking buttons! (Mac/Beta)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Cilerba, Apr 11, 2012.

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    I'm not entirely sure this has been done before, so I figured I'd go ahead and do it myself!
    iBukkit is just an easy way to set up a Bukkit Server for someone using a Mac.

    There's not much of a major interface to the "app". It's more like a bunch of dialogs and alerts, haha.
    The app is only a beta, so I do plan on having a full interface to the app soon, but for now, just simple dialogs, I guess. Please report any bugs you find to me by posting in this thread, or messaging me. I do plan constantly updating this, so keep checking for updates.

    Anywho, here take a download link!

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    It was a good idea but upon my using to set up a new server, (and test it for you), my terminal doesn't work anymore. I have tried many ways to fix it and none seem to work for me.
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    The server runs fantastically, thank you!

    Quick question, how do I install 'Essentials'? I'm just starting out with making servers :)
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    Created a server... but it keeps saying can't resolve host name... I'm definitely sure that I started it as I checked. What do I do?
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    If you go to your server.proporties files in the server folder, and edit it with notepad, you'll see a filed which says "server-ip:" Try deleting whats after the semicolon.
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    my server is working everytime i start it using start.command it says starting on *:25565 so when i try to join using that as my ip it says can't resolve hostname. Then when i type in the ip i made for ibukkit it doesn't work.
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    The server runs fantastically, thank you!
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    If you have downloaded Essentials then drag it into your "Plugin" folder and start the server.
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