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    Plugin category: Fun,Admin

    Suggested name: iBukkit or bSiri

    What I want: Hello, again I saw another interesting plugin which I think other people might also enjoy. Ok so i went on a server and they said to type a certain command(Forgot Command sorry so i'll just use a custom command) So after you would type the command lets say /bsiri when you talked it would say [bSiri] and it would answer you for example if you did Hello it would
    [bSiri] Hello <Name> and you can ask it certain things and it would respond. So maybe if someone can make something similar and maybe but the questions and answers in the config so server owners can make custom question and answers.

    Ideas for commands: /bSiri(Or What ever plugin name is or the developer wants it to be) /bSiri would toggle the siri so when you talk it would respond and it won't go to chat it would just talk to siri(Or what ever you want to call it)

    Ideas for permissions: bSiri.use

    When I'd like it by: When ever you can make it :) I know it will take a while as its a unique yet big plugin. Thank You.
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    Oh wow ya it is similar :p I just saw mine on a server i think they called the plugin suru or something and it was interesting so I was gonna post this on here after playing with the plugin for a while but then forgot and today i saw another cool plugin on a server and remembered about this and posted this. (By the way sorry I forgot the server name and IP)
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    Both the name and IP? Wow :p

    But yeah, that seems interesting. You could basically set up a help bot that searches for keywords and responds as best it can...

    /ask is there pvp?
    [HelpBot] No.

    /ask can I have op?
    [HelpBot] Shut your piehole.

    Things like that. xD
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    Ya pretty much so it would be easier for new players
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    This would be a huge plugin. It could easily be done, but the biggest and hardest part would be the messages.
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    What do you mean by that? The messages would all be configurable...

    Someone should take a look/talk to the creator of NoobResponse. They already have a great, functioning plugin, all we need is a command version..
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    I know thats why i was thinking if maybe a config would make it easier? I would try to make it but I'm still learning so I really don't think I would be able to make it so thats why i made a plugin request :p

    Can i have the link to NoobResponse? Maybe if its open source it would be easier for someone to make it?

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    I'm actually working on this. In the newest version of my plugin, you will be able to set up a bot and talk to it. It will take some time, but after a while this feature will be added in one of my releases.
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    Cool idea. Would be irritating as hell to write.
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    Kudos to you!
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    Cool can't wait! Thank you!

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