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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Hi5tmyface, Aug 9, 2020.

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    I would like a plugin that allows Minecraft dogs to get stronger when you train them and you can train them by killing Mobs and (idk if possible) add an item called hoop and you can make your doge train using the hoop like he can go through the hoop and etc... And then you can type /Dog <Dogname> Stats. And it will bring up the stats. or even better would be skill points for your dog and you could add it into like strength or regen or health stuff like that. Please and Thank you
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    The stats I would like maybe: Regen (the dog can regenerate slowly but the more you upgrade it the faster it can Regenerate), Attack (How much damage it will do), Endurance (how less damage it will take), Speed (how fast your dog is). Those are the Stats I would like the max your stats can be to be: 25. I would not like the Dog to be super fast just fast enough that it can run a little faster than you.
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    @Hi5tmyface Hey, are you still interested on this? I know it's been a month but I only saw the thread a couple days ago. I already started it, should be done in a day.
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    I ended up finishing it anyway, here you go.

    The dogs have 5 stats:
    LVL: every time it goes up a level it receives a skill point. Pretty much everything the dog does gives it a bit of experience to this stat.
    ATK: the damage he does to other entities. Exp gained by attacking mobs.
    END: reduces damage taken. Exp gained by being hit by entities.
    SPD: how fast it runs. Exp gained simply by walking.
    REG: increases the healing by food and allows the dog heal passively. Exp gained by being healed with food/potions.

    I didn't make any custom items for training, the dogs gain exp simply by doing basic actions like fighting and eating.

    dog.own - allows players own dogs and level them up
    dog.op - allows players to give dogs infinite skill points, reload the config and remove dogs from other players

    /dog rename <oldname> <newname> - pretty self explanatory
    /dog list - shows the names of the dogs you currently own
    /dog stats <dogname> - shows the dog's stats
    /dog levelup <dogname> <stat> <quant=1> - use this to level up ATK, END, SPD or REG using the dog's skill points
    /dog reloadconfig - reloads config... obviously
    /dog skillpoints <dogname> <stat> <quant> - gives skill points to dog
    /dog removeall <player> - removes all owned dogs from player (used it for debugging but ended up not deleting it)
    /dog help - to show usage list in game

    Also in the config you can change the plugin chat messages and disable some of them, change the max level (default is 25) and change the exp multiplier (default is 1).

    If you find any bugs let me know, I've been with a lot of free time lately so I might as well fix them lol. HF
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