I want to make Plugins? How?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Aeromcdoom, Nov 23, 2011.

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    Could maybe someone teach me, or tell me how to start off?
    What programmes I need?
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    wow another how-to-make- a-plugin- post :mad:

    Anyways ill give you a suggestion:
    1. First off learn basics of java. You cannot code without knowing anything about java.
    2. Once you learn java, think of an idea of what plugin you would wanna create, then look through similar plugin sources and learn some of that(dont steal the code!)
    3. Also what @saul100 said, check out the Huge_Plugin_Tutorial.
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    No. nononononono. Watching thenewboston is a horrible way to learn Java, and I know because I have watched all of his videos. I would suggest getting a book instead, if you are interested in learning Java or making plugins.
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    Theres also something called google,yahoo, and bing :p
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    There is no "yahoo" or "bing". Only Google.

    And yes, OP, it's a pretty good idea to know Java or you'll be completely clueless. There are some plugins that add an API for making plugins in languages like Python, however, I just don't know if they can integrate with other plugins besides SuperPerms.
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    dude, TheNewBoston is awesome...reading makes me sleep
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