I think it's my time as well.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by epicfacecreeper, Sep 6, 2014.

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    Nobody will probably read this thread. If you do, you won't recognize me. Hello, I'm epicfacecreeper/awesomefacecreeper, and i joined bukkit over 2 years ago. Around this time I started Apocalyptic, my most well known plugin, as I was learning Java. It was terrible. It was laggy. It honestly sucked. But it was mine, and it taught me how to code. Now, it has almost 30 000 downloads. I want to thank the Bukkit Project and all it's amazing developers ( EvilSeph , Dinnerbone , Grum , and all the others, along with the BukkitDev staff ( @chaseos , evilmidget38 , CaptainBern , and the many others). I'm sorry for being snarky to you guys.

    Bukkit gave me a great oppurtunity, and I loved every minute of it. However, life goes on, I'm making a game, school, etc. This whole hullaboo has given me the final reason to jump ship and sadly swim away.

    It's my philosiphy to stop while you're ahead. Bukkit was way ahead, and everything must come to an end someday.
    Maybe Mojang will do something. Maybe not. But I probably won't be there.
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    CaptainBern Retired Staff

    epicfacecreeper I remember you and I hanging around on the forums :) . It's been great, thanks for everything.
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