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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by LexLaiden, Aug 16, 2012.

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    I see a lot of plugin request for this and that, to level up, Lock doors, and so many other request that I tell myself;

    "Man if these guys would just read through VariableTriggers Documentation to see what all it can do and give them the tools to do, they would be creating these feature with VariableTriggers for themselves and not have to beg others to do it and hope someone writes a new plugin for them."

    So I though I would just point out the fact that those who do not know Java or how to write a plugin, can use VariableTriggers to create plugin like features without the need to write a completely new plugin.

    You use basic lines of easy to understand script to tell the server what to do. VariableTiggers is based on Triggers and there are many ways to trigger a script to run. Clicking a block any block, walking in an area, and events such as PlayerDeath, Respawn, Interact, BlockPlaced and many others. You Can also create triggers based on /commands that players type or create completly new /commands that do what you want them to do.

    Besides all the built in commands of VariableTriggers You can run any commands from other plugins on your server from a VT trigger script.

    Thats all I wanted to say.
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    I'll be linking users to this page, as I live in the Plugin Requests forum, as some of you might know. :3
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    He is my counterpart, as I serve under the roof the the Bukkit Help Lead and in the castle of the Help section.
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    I am an all-round person, although, I enjoy OffTopic a lot more :p
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    I've migrated into Offtopic a bit... Even bookmarked it. :3
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    How many out there have still not discovered the power of this plugin?
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    Probably many people Dx
    I have said to myself many times:
    That would be a cool plugin to make! ... oh wait, VT can do that :p
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    :D head lifts in pride.
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    chaseoes Retired Staff

    You manage to somehow suggest VariableTriggers in like 90% of requests. :p

    Never used it, but personally (I feel the same way about plugins like Skript), it's a lot easier to just do it in Java, as it's almost like learning a new programming/markup language.
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    Say you want to have a simple plugin to keep track of how many times a player dies and display it to all when they die. You would have to create a new plugin and write the code and compile jar, then distribute, right?

    With VariableTriggers its QUICK and SIMPLE

    /vtevent PlayerDeath @ADDINT $<playername>.deathcount 1
    /vtevent PlayerDeath @BROADCAST <playername> has now died $<playername>.deathcount times.


    How hard is that???????????????
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    i moved out, kinda in no mans land write now cause exams are coming up
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