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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Meowshikä Orihara, Jan 1, 2017.

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  1. I was using Bukkit since my childhood so when Bukkit started falling apart, I pretty much stopped playing Minecraft. I recently started again, using Sponge, and just checked how's Bukkit doing and to my surprise, Bukkit has recovered. But Sponge has something Bukkit doesn't have - Mods. Sponge supports plugins and mods on the same server and very easily installable. That is just something Bukkit can't do. And I am someone who loves mods, I pretty much can't play vanilla. But apart from mod support they both seem pretty similar. So why should I install Bukkit again?

    Edit: Grat job btw on the revival and the site and everything, it's great seeing Bukkit up again!
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    @Meowshikä Orihara alive is relative. Look up the Bukkit DMCA. These forums are dead and spigot is now in control of the Bukkit API.
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    Not sure what you are talking about as Bukkit has been dead for a long time, some other people claim that they release Bukkit but its neither legal or official, and not supported by Bukkit team. Sponge is the next step in plugin APIs, and is developed by developers of various other platforms, and, best of all, not vulnerable to power grab from other companies.
  4. @Meowshikä Orihara
    As mentioned, Bukkit is pretty much dead. Spigot have however taken over Bukkit and started developing their own updated versions of it.

    I think the only real reason people are staying with Bukkit is the huge plugin library that exists. Sponge doesn't have that. But as the Sponge library of plugins grows larger, I think Bukkit will just simply fade out, as nobody will want to use a complicated BuildTools of questionable legality to just obtain the jar. It's sad, but I think that's how it's going to end up.
  5. Oh I see. I found Bukkit for 1.11.2 and concluded that it is alive again. But if it's like that, maybe Bukkit should announce that it officially ends and put stop to other people (*cough* spigot) using it... That way Bukkit can be remembered as a reliable and awesome, not falling apart.
  6. @Meowshikä Orihara
    Well, EvilSeph did declare that Bukkit was dead (read this), but Curse (the ones who run this website) decided to go against him and continue on (read this). And well, how would they stop Spigot from updating Bukkit?
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    @Meowshikä Orihara the first new craftbukkit builds by spigot were really unstable. They crashed a lot, had some severe issues, and was indeed ilegal. However, with some legal help, spigot found a way around the DMCA using a system they call buildtools. It downloads the spigot files and mojang vanilla server files and uses a patching system to put them together. It's very similar to how android modding works. Craftbukkit and spogot by the spigot team are both very stable and allow contributions by anyone. Ive made a couple of pull requests on the documentation noting some massive changes in behavoir that they forgot to mention.

    All in all, these forums are dead, but bukkit isn't.

    Ps. Dont log in using your email. Security has been a serious issue on this site recently.
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    The so called 'buildtools' system is just an illusion, as it received a DMCA all the same. spigot stays up by the use of safe-haven hosts, not legality, making it akin to piracy.

    We tried to, Mojang decided its more profitable for them to swipe us under the rug in an illegitimate power reach. Now its who ever advertises to Curse gets to decide policy.
  9. @Necrodoom_V2
    Just because it received a second DMCA (which I by the way can't really find any evidence actually happend, besides Wolverness' tweets hinting at the fact that he will do it) doesn't mean it's illegal. All that means is that Wolverness believes it to be illegal, and since no court has decided upon the matter (to my knowledge), we don't know if it's legal or not. Just because Wolverness says something doesn't automatically mean it's true (you can of course make the same argument for others saying it isn't. But mind you, I'm not saying either side is right or wrong.). So BuildTools is quite dodgy, yes, but is it illegal? I don't know. And nobody seems to have any convincing proof either.

    And besides that, Necrodoom, what do you find fun about going around these forums being a grump about people using Spigot all the time? It's not like all these people who are currently using Spigot's updated versions are just going to stop because they see you. (And don't tell me you're "informing them about the truth", because you can't even prove that you are right [I don't count Wolverness as a definitive source in these things]).
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    @AlvinB spigot also acknowledges this DMCA, so..

    Your argument seems to be basically on 'you havent proven it in court' even though lawyers on both sides have said the DMCA is valid, evidence of illegitimate code in the spigot codebase (including Minecraft code which resulted in the first DMCA).

    leaving aside your insults, "informing them about the truth" is indeed what im doing here, since no one else, in the scene has any interest in doing so, since they stand to profit from lying to the community, and things are far more clear cut than you are trying to imply.
  11. @Necrodoom_V2
    Where do they acknowledge this DMCA? I can't find any posts on it besides this one (which is about the first DMCA, when the spigot releases were hosted directly on website [ie before BuildTools was a thing]).

    And also, do you have links to the statements from these lawyers on both sides who have said the DMCA is valid?

    And I'm sorry if I insulted you, I promise, it was not my intention. Tone is quite difficult to convey accurately in text, especially for a non-native english speaker, like me. I'm genuinely trying to keep a civil discussion.
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    Please keep the discussion on topic. PMS would be more appropriate for a side discussion.
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