I need some help and general advice please!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MarcoCSection, Jan 31, 2013.

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    Hello people!

    I've just started setting up my Bukkit server. I'm planning on running a personal dedicated server open for public. Currently, I'm in the process of shaping my map and selecting and configuring plugins to set the features in my server as I would like to have them.

    The plugins i'm using are: Chestshop, iConomy, FirstJoinPlus, GriefPrevention, LapisPortals, MobArena, NoCheatPlus, RespawnLocations and WorldGuardCustomFlags.

    Regarding to Bukkit, im not sure what to do with permissions. Is this not the same as Ops? What other things can you do with it and how do you configure it? What is the advantage, since many plugins link back to Ops to determine who can use certain commands?

    My goal is to set up a server with an Economy, PVP, PVE, Survival concept. The idea is to create a city consisting of a few admin structures, minigames etc. and many plots, so 70% of the city will be player created houses and shops. The city should be a safe place, and outside of the city people can
    basically do whatever the game has to offer.

    I'm still looking for a plugin that can set my city as a non-pvp zone, except for maybe an arena. I've read GriefPrevention should have a feature like that, but I have not found out how to do that yet. Can someone tell me how to do that or recommend a plugin dat does exactly that?
    Further I also want to keep mobs from spawning ONLY in the city. So I would like to know if there is a simple plugin where can also set a boundary so mobs don't get into the city, but still appear as normal in the area's around.

    Second issue is that I've seen a few servers using a portal/teleportation plugin that can set a player from portal A to B, but also to a specific location without an end portal. For example if you use a first join spawn point with a closed room with rules etc, to make a one way portal that sets the player to a central point in the map. Can you recommend me such a plugin?

    Finally, I need a plugin that can show in chat and scorebord that I'm the server owner, and certain assigned people as admins, possibly in colors. Player statuses are not necessery. It just has to be easy for players to know who to turn to. Other server messages feature would be appreciated too.

    Well, thanks already! I hope your feedback can direct me to the right solutions. If you have any other tips, tricks or essential info, please let me know. Also regarding safety, anticheat and other administration issues. Currently im only running NoCheatPlus, but im not sure if this is enough for a cheat safe server. :)


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    The first few can be done with WorldGuard
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    you will need both worldedit & worldguard.. Iconomy seems a bit outdated(else you using some continuated version)
    there is other updated plugins for economy, i use Craftconomy,think its pretty good.
    How exactly did you plan to do the plots? manually adding them? it can be much for you to do.
    You might consider some self managing plot system.There is many plugins that do that.
    chunkown,plotty V2,plotme etc
    No Pvp & no mobs zones are easily configured thru flags with worldguard.
    for teleporting and promoting new players,you can use buttonpromote or buttonwarp.
    there is some other plugins that will handle the teleports for you.
    There is plenty of broadcast plugins that you can use for announcing your staff.
    But i suggest you start to read on dev bukkit,
    and see wich works best for you.
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    1. Minecraft has by default OP and DEFAULT permissions. So of course all OPs get all commands while default players are limited on what they can execute and do. What a permissions plugin allows you to do is making your own groups and configs. So instead of only having 2 groups (OPs and DEFAULT) you can have as much other groups as you want such as Supporter, Moderator, Donator, Helper, Admin, Owner or whatever you want.

    How a permission node looks: bukkit.command.plugins
    What it does: Allow access to /plugins

    Permissions plugins I like: PermissionsEx, bPermissions and GroupManager
    You can check out the sits of them to get more info.

    2. I saw most server use Towny to setup plots and such.
    Its a huge plugin so it may fit your needs. There are also other plugins that you can use of course. Some people say that PreciousStones is a good plugin to protect: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/preciousstones/

    3. Not really sure since I have no idea with GriefPrevention... I only saw this in his ToDo list:
    4. Not sure. Maybe MultiVerse is able to do this?: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/multiverse-core/

    5. For Prefixes you need a Permissions and ChatManager plugin. PEX comes with a own chat manager included but EssentialsChat from Essentials is also quite nice: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/essentials/

    6. NoCheatPlus should be good for any kind of movement hack, if you want to prevent xRay you will need and other plugin such as Orebfuscator or statistic based ones such as FoundDiamonds.

    I don't recommend to use iConomy anymore since its way too outdated. I would recommend to use the economy system of Essentials (which is included in Essentials.jar) together with Vault: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/Vault

    If you use WorldGuardCustomFlags you will probably need WorldGuard and WorldEdit (WorldEdit is a dependency from WorldGuard).

    I would recommend to just read all or at least most of the documentation that your plugins have. It will safe much trouble for you!
    Here some other points:
    - Only install plugins from DevBukkit (will keep you safe from all those infected plugins that could damage your server)
    - A plugin can be more powerful then you may think so only install those plugins which you really need
    - If you have lag issues I would recommend to use the NoLagg examiner: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/nolagg . It will help you to find "bad" plugins.
    - Only promote/Give OP to those players you REALLY trust
    - Keep your plugins up-to-date

    I wish you good luck with your server ;)
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    Hey thanks a lot!
    I just downloaded both WorldGuard and WorldEdit. If i understand it right, I use WE to quickly change my world, well thats fortunate! And with worldguard I can set boundaries for non-PVP and where mobs cant spawn. Great! :)
    Okay, what do you mean with announcing your staff? That the Admin/Server owner tags are included in that broadcast plugin? Can you name a few for better search criteria? (Lots of pages here on bukkit ;p) And would such a plugin also be able to hide gamemode switching messages for non-Ops?
    I'm running iConomy 7 right now, what makes others better? Because for now, it is doing its job, so I do not yet see a reason to replace that one. I'm planning on doing the plots through 'trusting' Subdivision claims in Grief Prevention. I think its the safest way, and like that the city is organizable, because admins assign the plot to a player, instead of everyone just picking a random plot.
    About the teleporting, what is the advantage of a button using plugin over using a command block linked to a button? Thats what i'm doing right now. In many servers you see these 2 block high portals with water in them, and i would like to use that too. I concidered LapisPortals, but i'm still doubting that one because the lack of one-way portals, and I dont want players to make portals all over the place.
    I think that's about it.. :p
    Thanks tiwar !

    MyPictures whoa thanks! A lot of useful info!
    I'm certainly gonna check out your recommendation on permissions, that's really some info I did not know anything about. Some plugins you mentions i have seen, but did not match my needs. Of some of the plugins I use I'm pretty sure, but since you're the second person rejecting iConomy I'm gonna look further for that one too I think.

    I'm gonna make some good notes on all of this feedback, thank you very much!

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    Just a suggestion, but Towny Advance could solve your plot problems if you wanted to keep a city style system. Just grant the permissions for town creations only to you and staff so they can help maintain your city when you are offline. It allows for pre-configured 16 x 16 plots (basic chunk size) for your users to build on. You can design a town and have them buy plots(or make them free) in your city. you can also tax them if you wish(keeping active players active). Lastly, towny can flag for PvP, mobs, fire, switch, use, break, and place. I recommend it and have been using it for 18 months.
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    Okay, thanks chad53105 ! I guess I just have to find out what suits me best, weigh the pros and cons.
    I'm thinking about making an x amount of copies of my server folder and try different combinations.
    Wichever runs the smoothest and is the most userfriendly should be the set I'm going to use. :)

    Anyway, thanks guys! I'm gonna fool around with my server. More tips and feedback always welcome!
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    iConomy is a pretty good plugin, the only problem here is that its way too outdated and it looks like that the author ir not interested in continuing it any-more.
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