Question I need help with the permmisions.yml folder setup.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Elosucksatthings, Mar 23, 2021.

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  1. Ok, let me start by saying I have spent close to 3 hours now trying to get this to work. I have read forms, used a yml checker thingy basically everything so this is my last hope. let me get this clear: I AM A BEGGINER dont bully me for stupid things please. Anyway here is my code that I wanted to test to make sure things were fine. The error message I get in game is "you dont have permission to do that" when i do /kit starter. Oh one last thing, I just want experience with this sorta stuff, i find it interesting. I am not going to actually open a server, i have no idea to to run one.
    _permissions.yml - Notepad 3_23_2021 11_25_25 AM.png
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    This problem may appear because of various things.
    1. You could try adding "greatkits.kit", "greatkit.kits.starter" (so lowercased name)
    2. Test if this is problem with kits plugin or permissions plugin. Add other commands like e.g. gamemode, spawnpoint, kill etc.
    If they don't work - go to point 3. If they work... it's a problem with kits plugin. I don't really know GreatKits, so I just recommend you to use Essentials or EssentialsX, which has built-in kits commands. (

    3. What plugin are you using for permissions? Some of them just... don't work. Because. Tell me the name of it, I could try to figure out, what exactly is wrong. But I advise you to try different plugin. Personally I recommend you PowerRanks (
    You can add permissions directly in-game (useful for single-permission change) and in files (plugins >> PowerRanks >> Ranks >> Ranks.yml).

    If you decide to use it, here you have an example of syntax:
    Default: Member
    Usertags: ''
        - essentials.tpa
        - essentials.tpacancel
        - essentials.tpaccept
        - essentials.tpahere
        - essentials.tpdeny
        inheritance: []
          prefix: '[&aMember&r]'
          suffix: ''
          chatColor: '&f'
          nameColor: '&f'
          promote: ''
          demote: ''
          buyable: []
          cost: 0
          description: ''
          icon: stick
    Inheritance - when you add next rank (e.g. you have member and you add VIP), then you delete "[]" and write "- member". That way you don't have to copy-paste all permissions, you just add the ones you want VIP to have.

    Also... I really hope you mean "I am not going to create an official, public server" and not "I don't have any server, I just run it on Singleplayer" xD

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