I need Help with dual wielding

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by kerlimeke75, Nov 5, 2020.

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    On my server dual-wielding is being weird. It is finicky but it allows you to place an item into the offhand but not take it out. I am running a paper server on 1.16.2. Any suggestions?

    This is a list of my plugins:
    CleanroomGenerator*, DeluxeHub, DualWield*, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, LuckPerms, Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-Inventories, Multiverse-NetherPortals, Multiverse-Portals, PlugMan, SinglePlayerSleep, Skywars, StayPut*, Vault, VoidTeleport, WorldEdit, WorldGuard.
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