I need a SkyBlock plugin (a more advanced)

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    Category: Generators, Admin Tools.

    Name: SkyBrick or maybe SkyBlick.

    Description: I just want a plugin for SkyBlock, more advanced and awesome

    Commands: /is forcefield (make non-member people of that island teleport back to their island.), /is chest (Will open the starting chest and will be editable), /is create (It will create a island), /is generator (Will open a large chest and it will have grass on the top row, rest of it dirt. A chest will be seen on the first slot. It will be what the island default looks like and cannot be edited.) /is quest (Will give you a wooden sword. The sword has 10 uses and fire aspect 2.)
    /is shop (Will open a chest with items that have lores like "Buy For 10 Dollars". You can click and they will copy to your inventory.)

    Promissions: createisland, forcefieldtoggle, changestarting, skyshop, and givesword

    [torch]And If you do, [diamond] Msg Me! [creeper]

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