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    I need a developer that can do if you right click on a sign you get one "rank" and you get a speciality and some other stuff for example leather armor (changeable) and a stone sword(rank = different monsters for example . If you could make this (i think it might be a challenge) I would be WEARY happy!
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    English please?
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    • Advertising. Use dev.bukkit.org for your plugin.
    Get this plugin VariableTriggers and then make you sign and create a Click Trigger on the sign with VariableTriggers /vtclick

    And add these line to the trigger

    /vtclick @IF b $<playername>.ranked = false
    /vtclick @CMDCON manuadd <playername> TheGroupName
    /vtclick @CMDCON give <playername> dsword 1
    /vtclick @SETBOOL $<playername>.ranked true
    /vtclick @ENDIF

    In the above <playername> is a place holder it will replace with the triggering player. On the second line use whatever consol command you have on your server to set or promote a player to a group. Like if you use PEX then @CMDCON promote <playername> Third line give whatever item you want. You can add as many script lines ass needed.
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    Why did someone mark this as advertising. he gave a direct answer the thread question!
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    As far as the rank/sign part goes, you should be able to find an existing plugin using the above "Get Plugins" and searching for "rank". I found one earlier, though can't recall it's exact name.

    In regards to the rest, I'm not entirely sure what you're asking for there. "Special abilities" can be provided from any number of existing plug-ins and tied into your permission "groups" which could then be tied with a sign rank plug-in above.

    If you want something more custom though, you might need to provide us with more details.
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    Thank you!

    I am not so good in english (i am from sweden) but please try to understand.

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