I need a backup but havn't made one :/

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by RG_PankO, Jun 24, 2011.

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    An old admin got the password of current one and opped everyone, they destroyed whatever they want and they gived themselve whatever they want :/

    I need to:
    - mass deop everyone; - how to check who are ops?
    - rollback the world 2 hours ago - structures and inventories;

    Haven't coppied the world folder for days, even 24 hours rollback will be great compared to what is now :/

    Please - give me ideas how to fix this huge issue I have :/

    Plugins I use: Permissions, big brother, lockete;

    Others I supose will not have any infulence of the situation.

    The solution I got at the moment is:
    Ban every opped youser and just dont let him play anymore.
    BB Rollback every opped user for 24 hours.

    Anyone with better idea :/?

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    I guess you could check the op-file, ops.txt to see who is op. And take the server off the net for a while, do some rollbacks and deop everyone. Or just shut off the server and delete the ops-file and then start it again. And then op yourself in the console.
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