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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by KingKrafty22, Apr 3, 2017.

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    So, I was messing around on my Factions server, trolling people, opping and deopping people. Unfortunately, I deopped myself. Now, normally I would be able to op myself again because I would have the perms (set to all perms in the config) but for some reason, I can no longer do that. I do not have the console, and for some reason I cannot pull up the console whenever I run the craftbukkit version of the server. There is no one else opped on the server, no one can help me on the server. I cannot /reload, /stop, anything. Any suggestions what I should do?
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    Are you running the server on a home computer, or are you using a hosting service? If it is your own, why can't you access the console? If it is a hosting company, contact them immediately. Should be able to always access the console.

    You can op yourself by adding something like this to the ops.json file:
    "uuid": "YOUR FULL UUID",
    "name": "YOUR NAME",
    "level": 4,
    "bypassesPlayerLimit": false
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    *RESOLVED* Thank you!
    By the way, I'm on a school laptop and will be transferring my server to my home computer via thumbdrive when my house is finished being built.
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