I just want place a block

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by 4z3rty, May 19, 2012.

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    I start developping my first plugin but I fail to place a block with this coordinates.
    I want create a cube with 2 points like worldedit.
    Does anyone can help me ?

    I'm french, forgive me my spelling and help me to corrige it.

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    So you want to place a single block or you want to create a region like world edit does?
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    I want place just a single block for begin, later I want make a regien like worldedit.
    If it's more simple to create a region, how make ?
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    If your going to make a world edit clone let me refer you to this post (somethings just don't need to be repeated in public, but can be done as a learning experience but don't need to be made public). If you want to use worldedit's region making for something else they have an API. As for placing blocks just take a location, get the block at the location, and replace it with whatever you want.
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    Thanks, I will go seen that.

    I don't successfully to create my cube.
    For make simple, I want make a cube like worledit can make : //set 80%1,10%15....... and when the cube was totaly break, I want regenrate another automatically.
    A little help would not be denied.

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