I have idea: Ultimate anti x-ray

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    I have idea how to make ultimate anti-xray.

    It needs world without ores anyway.

    Thanks to CustomTerrain plugin, You can generate world where are no any ores.

    When You dig underground, You have x% chances that block above mined block is Iron/Coal/Diamond/Emerald.

    1. You are in mine, every blocks here are stone blocks.
    2. You started to dig block.
    3. You digged it.
    4. Plugin checks STONE block above it:
    ------> If > it's covered by STONE from every side (don't checks digged block).
    ------> If > there no any WorldGuard region?
    ------> Then > Replace checked stone block with ore.
    Additionally: Generate few ores near it to create ore vein.

    Click to see it on paper:
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    I understand the picture, but the problem is that someone might just be mining in front of it anyway without xray?
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    Only issue I would see is that there would be no exposed ore on the map (which is often a source of exploration and fun). There would also ever only be ore behind stone. Not gravel, sand or dirt.

    Still an innovative approach!
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    Going with what they said just try oberfuscator
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    It's too heavy.
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    Liam Allan

    I could do this, but instead:
    1. Make it generate ores in a chunk as the chunk is created
    2. Make the stone have rare drops (can be affected by location)
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    It's actually did by Minecraft. Isn't it?

    I hate ores from stone.
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    Liam Allan

    Start a new world, turn X-ray on, do you see ores outside of your chunk?

    Your loss ;D
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    This really isn't a bad idea, though it needs some finessing. Exposed ores is sort of an issue, though you could just allow them and take the loss (or have a config option for this).

    You would also probably want a more advanced algorithm than a % chance for all stone mined, something affected by how many ores they've found recently, the current light level, the Y-height they are mining at, etc.

    You might also allocate each chunk so many diamond ores, emerald ores, etc. This way once the ores are used up, they will need to expand their mine to find more, much like how mining normally goes.

    This would use up far less resources than Orebfuscator does, and generally accomplish the same effect if tweaked right.

    The main downsides would be that for existing maps this would be a pain (though theoretically you could use the onchunkload event with proper caching to keep track of which chunks were converted... it would just lag a LOT at first), and for custom map generators/skyblock maps, etc. this might have some conflicts.
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    Anyway I think that there should be any way to find how to enable exposed ores...
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    A neat idea... You could achieve the gathering part of this idea now with the OtherDrops plugin.

    Generate your world with no ore (I'll leave that as an exercise for the reader) and use OtherDrops to configure stone to drop ore with a low percentage. Different types of ore for the level you're digging at.

    The problem with the idea is that it takes the 'exploration' out of the game and turns it into a pure grind. I could even imagine people automating their digging to gather ores while they slept somehow.

    It's possible though!
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    lol maybe automine+ autowalk + nuker? this may not be a good idea if you dont want a million players turning the world into a dirt platform XD but it would certainly be less intensive than orebfuscator... seems pretty possible to code :p
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    You could mitigate mining, though to be fair you could setup a mining bot already on a server, even one using Orebfuscator, and you would basically get the same results.

    Maybe include something that lowers the probability of ores dropping in a given chunk after each block mined, or offer higher probabilities to randomized regions in a chunk emulating how ores are found naturally.

    Basically you would just be trying to, a closely as possible emulate how ores are generated in chunks, but handling the actual placement of ores in the block break event.
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    I meant more along the lines of that since you're just mining stone for a percentage chance of an ore, you could just keep placing stone in the same place over and over, and keep mining it. I see what you mean though.

    That's basically how Orebfuscator works in Engine mode 1... The plugin sends all covered ore as stone to the player, keeps track of ore location behind the scenes, and puts it back when you dig close.
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    Yeah, you'd need to add some disadvantage to overworking an area, possibly just lowering the chance to spawn a vein whenever someone places a stone block in a chunk in a ratio related to the percent of dropping one at a given height.

    Basically, except it has to fake an entire landscape to do it. The difference here is you are skipping the first 1-2 steps. It's a time-memory trade off in chunk generation versus chunk loading. You could track the actual locations of ores behind the scenes, but it would likely be as effective to allocate each chunk a random amount of veins for each ore type and then once those are used up not spawn anymore in that chunk, much like how regular MC works.

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