[I][HATE][TAGS] Rifts (Beta 1.10) - A fully featured MMO plugin (UNDER REMODELING) [860]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by OBudista, Jun 12, 2011.

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    I hope you are just joking..... I never made an account on the forums because I didn't need to. I made one right now after I read this. Please... Everyone is waiting to get the release... and he is just gonna do this? I hope he doesn't do it......
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    can't wait for this plugin to be out! but one suggestion i have is having a way for you to leave the Rifts worlds and have it stop tracking if your breaking blocks or not, or just limit the tracking to the worlds the plugin makes, because i did notice that when i am doing stuff in my Free build world, the plugin still tracks me breaking blocks in there and counts it towards my level.
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    i just testet the new beta build005 and the server starts allways with error message an plugin seems to be inactive. is it just working with mysql?

    edit: ok found the post with deleting that line but skill i just can only join a faction and that is all, other commands dont work
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    Any Updates to this yet? i have 05 but i cant figure out how to join classes/use skills. i can view classes/skills though
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    same as me, only thing that work for is to join a faction thats all :D

    i think we have to wait and hope for a soon release
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    i got classes to finally work, i dont rlly know what i did but i was able to join a faction and choose mage, but the skills got a bit confusing
    i was also able to set my personal level and skill attributes, if you would like i can send u my console log so u can see any info maybe it will help?
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    Obu should add iConomy so you have to buy skills when you get to that level and if you don't wan't this the abillity in the config to turn this off! What does everyone else think?
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    hmm still nothing new?
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    If that's true someone will pick it up- if needed i'll do it myself but I can't code much. Like, do much more then adding text XD
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    this is dead huh. this was the best plugin i ever used, if someone could make it I would cry
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