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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by OBudista, Jun 12, 2011.

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    I could be possible by just adding another Class file to it. Im pretty sure by that.
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    This is an awesome idea to take over for rifts, but I think people would have troubles with it unless there is a special keybind for it.

    For example:
    Most people are too lazy to read or realize there are shortcuts like /help or /skills etc, when a keybind is made for example: P for Perks? and B for Book
    That Perks can be set for higher attributes or skill management like its done in the official Rift and when they press B they can bind a skill to a shortcut like F1, F2, F3 etc.

    Then there is only one more bit of a problem is a simple in game FAQ they could open through a simple browser plugin or Text file on the server were they can read their stuff from how to do stuff.

    For example an XML or MySQL database that contains the FAQ for players etc?

    Sorry of the un detailed stuff currently at work...

    Also would a MySQL not an unheard usage for Rifts for creating a fast and stable database.

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    Alright, I gotta nip this in the bud. As just an admin it is frustrating when players are requesting of you something that isn't possible. So I imagine it would be equally frustrating for Obu to get the same. Please try to understand better the relationship between server mods and client mods. Though what you are requesting is technically possible, it would be cumbersome because it would require client and server modding and a ridiculous amount of more work. It generally can be seen that you are unappreciative of the work obu is already doing! Someone is building you your own house and your asking for a mansion. You can ask for different counter tops but not 12 new rooms...

    Also, the small handful of plugins that require a client mod are not very widely used, specifically because it's inconvenient. If its less convenient, no one will use. So try to keep your suggestions to Server side mod-able options if you would like for the best chance of success of this plugin.

    Server's cannot control the UI such as new windows, cooldown bars, buttons or new keybindings. These things require client modding. The server is bound to only controlling chat and commands and your experience with your environment. The mod-able class / skill system in the link provided is very intriguing and could be adapted but since obu actually has mentioned several times that basically everything will be configurable, seems to already be handled.

    Thanks! can't wait till we get something working with the latest build obu!
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    I am currently working on a Client Mod for the Rifts plugin. I believe that it wont be a required mod. But anyways, The point of the Client mod is to add a GUI or Interface to the Rifts Plugin. Instead of typing in command after command you could just tap you mouse on an Icon and the command was done for you.
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    So people, update time.

    I've created a #Rifts channel on EsperNet and am using that channel for online brainstorming and feedback gathering area. Feel free to show up and speak what's up in your head regarding Rifts.

    Shadow sniper is as he said, working on a client mod for Rifts, allowing users to use Rifts without commands. If everything goes as planned players will be able to optionally install the client mod and just use Rifts as a GUI.

    I've a release pretty much done. I already installed it on the home server for some testings but some last minute errors regarding the change on bukkit version slowed down things enough so that it will only be released tomorrow or so.

    I've also started balancing the various classes, mobs, leveling, etc, and should work on the next few days on making sure all skills referenced here work properly. Some of the changes will need work but most of them will be fast and easy, as the framework is already implemented.

    Notice that the original rifts jar has still not been upgraded and therefor some stuff is.. crude at start. I will work on that after I finish with the several issues/developments to finish skills and conditions.

    From the old Rifts we will only keep the rifts generation system (with some tweaks), the light/dark side (at first, since I will be adding configuration so you can add as much factions as you want) and that's it.

    I will make sure to release the files here as soon as the last minute fixes regarding the bukkit version change are completed so everyone can test it. Again, keep in mind that this is going to be a TEST version. You won't have some basic functionalities like hiding reports or there might reports that are not there but they should. I should already be able to provide you a balanced game but bear with me until we get a finished version.
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  6. Did you fix the portals not disappering bug? Or is it still there!
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    So, here is a beta test release: Rifts BETA 4

    Tests deemed it to be stable and a good start for balancing, testing and feedback providing. Please take notice that this is NOT the final version. I will still be working on a number of small things, enabling new functionalities. Again check out our official IRC channel for details, feedback or just an hello.

    We have a home server for this plugin at minecraft.sweetcraft.me:26666, connect and test the plugin on the user front.

    Some installation notes:
    You should unpack the released files into the server's root folder (where you have your bukkit file) and then edit config.xml and rifts_config.xml, where you need to set your MySQLdatabase config. If you do not have or do not want to use MySQL you can just delete the line with the <database/> element and the plugin will create sqlite database files automatically and use them.

    Don't forget to play around with the config. But take notice that on each change of the configs you will probably need to clean/delete your database so that it loads the configs again (as the change detector is still not coded).
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    Hey Obu,

    Awesome work. Is there currently or will there be a possiblility to disable the mulitworld part? Yes, that kinda defeats the purpose but rifts by far has the best class and rpg system around but the "rifts" part of it doesn't exactly fit what I'm trying to do with my server. Thanks!

    Also, when I was on the minecraft.sweetcraft.me:26666 server i fell in a whole I can only assume was a trap and did /kill to respawn. The health regeneration prevented me from dieing even though I did actually die. Then every time I hit the respawn button it would spawn me in the same place and I would die again with half a heart still on my bar. So I got stuck and couldn't do anything like 30 seconds after getting on the server. Probably shouldn't have done the /kill but was stuck. Don't know if it was a bug due to the health regen or not. Didn't have a chance to try dieing in any other way.
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    Hey, Rifts BETA allows you to configure it so that you have only one world and difference spawn locations for any factions you want.

    Also, that respawn bug was indeed around but I already fixed it, along with a number of other bugs. I haven't released this last version yet but should soon.

    New test version:

    You need to delete and re-create the riftsclasses database as the structure has changed.

    Check config.xml and classes.xml for changes:
    - config.ml: ranged combat formula, ranged shooting cooldown, ranged movement cooldown (after shooting)
    - classes.xml: added maximumlevel for each class.

    Next are finally most of the skill and condition issues/functionalities that need work.

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    Really good plugin
    May I suggest having a rift countdown, about 1 or 2 minutes, so players have time to get ready to raid the other side.
    And also, I dont know if its only happened to me, but sometimes the rift doesn't always disappear. I'm guesing it only disappears when no players go through it
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    The rifts will appear and dissapear over time. It will notify yo when those types of things happen.
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    How do i get skills? Cause im level 4 and i dont have any skills.
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    tryllo skills are still being created te only skills available right now are for the Fighter class and only 1 for the Mage Class.
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    Still fixing bugs and working on the skills/conditions.

    Here is a preview of some new features I'm doing right now to enable the full skill list:

    Health Siphon Arrow config: (condition dependencies)
    Show Spoiler


    Ice Bolt config: (introduction of chance)
    Show Spoiler


    Meditation (events that affect conditions and recurrent skills) and Inferno (warning to players around the caster) config:
    Show Spoiler


    edit: sorry for the size of the screenshots. I've a big screen :D
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    Yet another preview while I'm finishing (already on the final sprint) skills and conditions. Added events to both conditions and skills:

    	<skill name="Inferno" symbol="INF" description="Deals massive damage to enemies near the caster. Sets everyone on fire and does damage overtime. A warning will be delivered to all players nearby during the casting." skillcost="1" activation="ACTIVATE" skilltype="SINGLE_SHOT" target="HIT" targetfoes="true" targetfriends="false" manacost="30" healthcost="0" cooldown="120" preparingtime="10">
    			<condition name="Instant Fire Damage 5" time="1" chance="100"/>
    			<condition name="Fire Damage 1" time="10" chance="100">
    					<event name="EXPIRED" action="MSG:TARGET:Condition Expired:%GREEN%You are no longer taking fire damage!"/>
    					<event name="EXPIRED" action="MSG:CASTER:Condition Expired:%RED%%TARGET% is no longer taking fire damage!"/>
    			<condition name="Ignite Fire" time="1" chance="100"/>
    			<event name="PREPARING" action="MSG:ENEMY:16:Condition Preparing: %caster% just started casting Inferno. You have 10 seconds to stop him!"/>
    			<event name="PREPARING" action="MSG:ALLIES:16:Condition Preparing: %caster% just started casting Inferno. Protect him for seconds!"/>
    			<event name="PREPARING" action="MSG:SELF:Condition Preparing: %caster% just started casting Inferno. Protect him for seconds!"/>
    			<event name="CASTED" action="MSG:SELF:Condition Casted:%GREEN%You casted %SKILL_NAME%!"/>
    			<event name="CASTED_HIT" action="MSG:TARGET:Condition Hit:%RED%%CASTER% casted %SKILL_NAME% on you!"/>
    			<event name="CASTED_HIT" action="MSG:SELF:Condition Target Hit:%GREEN%You hit %TARGET% with %SKILL_NAME%!"/>
    			<requirement target="class" type="present" value="Mage"/>
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    I understand you are very busy, and i just have some questions to ask. One of the FAQ was can you run this plugin on one world and you said yes. Well personally i was wondering if you have implemented a function or are planning to implement a function were you can disable/enable rifts and factions. Don't get me wrong the whole concept of this plugin is great, but my server is more based on pvp in your face rather then worlds and rifts. Basically is there a way i can have it set to only use the classes part of your plugin. Also i was wondering if you can give a text or video tutorial on how classes function? Such as how exactly do mages or priests cast a spell, or how some need reagents etc. Sorry for the question, but i just like to know how everything works :p and if im wasting your time and can check somewere else for ^ such as a config file or whatever let me know. Thanks for taking the time to read.
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    This is gonna be crazy awesome once it is almost all out!

    Do you have an ETA for the other skills to be added?
    EDIT: Also, when will functionality be back in the portals?
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    I would love if there could be mysql support. I am constantly in the database's checking and messing with my stuff. I would just love the user's in the mysql database.
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    Rifts fully supports mySQL
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    Then how do i do it? i looked threw teh files i saw no option for it at all.
  21. Cant await the remodeled version! Go OBudista, go! The servers are ready to feed the plugin! =)
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    I would hate to rush, but is this still under development? I would just like to know.
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    This is still under development. He is still trying to do more testing and iron out some bugs.
  25. Yep this project has been abandoned..

    At least release the source code so I can give it to my friend and he can finish it....

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    Ok, 2 things:

    1) It doesn't work like that, you can't just take over a project because you're a little impatient. Take a seat and wait like the others.

    2) The last time he was on was yesterday, what the hell makes you think it's abandoned? This is a major plugin, its under remodeling, and he needs time to complete it. Show a little respect, and be patient. Just because he doesn't respond to every post in the thread, does not mean that he 'has given up'. If he has nothing to say, then he has nothing to say. I'm sorry, but you'll just have to get over it.
  27. Okay...... its just I hope its not abandoned... I am very sorry that I was impatient..
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    OBudista, this has been a great and wonderful plugin!
    We're all looking forward to the next Beta update.

    Do you have any idea or thoughts as to when you will have a release ready?
    Some of us are still waiting patiently for a reply.

    Would love to get this plugin up and rolling on the server again.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
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    Saul R.W

    The plugin isn't dead. He continues to develop it. Right now the plugin can be used. You can create your classes, skills, and factions. He is planning on adding more stuff but it will be after he finishes with this version.
  30. Rifts is only getting released for sweetcraft. Find a new plugin guys!
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