I hate Mojang More and More Everyday...

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by lecraeman, Apr 12, 2014.

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    One word: Realms

    Name changing has been requested thounds and thounds of times.

    Factions is already updated on the build server. I would link it but the staff would remove the link.

    EDIT: mojang may or may not charge for changing your name
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    Good idea although I see no/small point to it.
    Best part is is that they are fixing an ever lasting problem and creating a temporary problem.
    The thing is, is that Legacy is not cared for in most places you go, I see it everywhere, for example, you can't play loads games without updating them first.
    Minecraft is exceptional by letting us be so community driven (Thus why Minecraft is the 3rd best selling game ever in my opinion, that and all the versions they now support) but Mojang won't touch Legacy, I wouldn't either.
    EXCEPT for certain things like Skins and such, but that is to do with their servers, not the game itself.
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    Eh, take this with a grain of salt but drtshock did a build of it for UUIDs as well. (Not tested/guaranteed safe. http://ci.drtshock.net/job/FactionsUUID/)

    Anyway, tread lightly if this thread continues. It's getting to the point where it's almost too far and will be locked.
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    You're the hundredth reply to this thread!
  5. That would be useful, to be able to fetch some name changing history at least the "first" name - could be that Mojang can actually solve that on their servers side, to send the oldest name for pre-1.7.x servers, might involve updating launcher/clients though - probably unrealistic. It could be partly done by retrieving all player names who played before, fetching the uuids and controlling who can join on base of that. The problem will be if you ever want to update some time later, you will have to make a special migration for plugins that you have to update as well, becuase otherwise those plugin might run their own migration code, ending up fetching the latest uuids instead of the relevant ones, thus assigning some things wrongly.

    So using a safety net it might be one of ...
    - Stay legacy forever.
    - Start over some time completely, spares the migration hell.
    - Hire your own programmer and do everything yourself (some time).
    - Hope for others to do the work (properly?) so some time later migration might be possible [might... above cases].

    Or people update as fast as possible in the hope that nothing goes wrong, and if ... maybe start over completely. Until some point name changing will not be live so you might have two or three tries :p.

    To be fair, the biggest amount of impact is temporary, but there also is a fair amount that's permanent. Writing for a uuid-based system is more complicated, concerning the "interesting stuff". It may be part-temporary because there will at some point be established core-API plugins/mods that really make things easier to inter-link. Then a developer can focus on one eco system around those core-API plugins, or even support multiple. Still it'll reduce the choice.

    A problem is also the existing modding community (such as Bukkit), which can't just be labeled "legacy". Many would not play as much on some realm or vanilla, not trying to make them less interesting than they are, though. Numbers can lie, e.g. i am still interested in the percentage of players who play on Bukkit or other modded servers, exclusive as well as occasional, compared to all who play Minecraft.
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    I DO NOT want MCore. I should not have to get it. I DO NOT like the command changes. I WILL NOT be getting new factions. Drtshock has already made a factions 1.6 UUID aware version.
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    Yeah But get what I'm saying, if you limit the name changing. you can only get 3 of the same person for a month.

    Soon there won't be a need for MC Ban ;P LOL
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    Bans will be UUID based. So changing your name will not bypass bans
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    Will this be part of MC or Will this be a plugin?
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    Its already apart of MC if you use the default ban system
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    that's not so bad.
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    Dude you just need to shut up. No one is forcing you to play Minecraft. If you don't like that game, go play COD, Halo, Roblox, Starmade, or something. Bukkit will be able to update at some point and so will the plugins. Anyway, Mojang is doing a great job expanding command block usage. Adding that ability to change your name will be a minor inconvenience for us people that own servers. If you have been reading Dinnerbone's tweets, you will see that they are getting ready to add the plugin API.
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    I really don't understand why everyone is so upset about all of this UUID. I understand that it can cause some trouble with the plugins and the server itself, but its really not as bad as it sounds. There will be no impersonation because usernames will still be unique. I can tell the difference between DrPyroCupcake and DrPyroCupcake_
    Anyways people can do that now, they just buy another username. Everyone needs to cool their buns and think about it. People have to update their plugins for new updates so why are they all mad about this one new update. I can see that it will be hard for plugins to update but we need change for life to be fun.
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    Aren't block IDs also going away? That will break almost every plugin I have.
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    Bobcat00 They nearly are gone. Mojang just needs to delete the code.
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    OK, but I have a bunch of plugins where you enter block ID numbers for various reasons. What will happen to them?
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    They will stop working.
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    The UUID of the players should have been their own usernames, and then they should've added a nickname system. This would have solved all these issues.

    Saw that earlier. Good ole' drtshock at work :D

    Ironically, The day before he released that...I went to his page and typed out a post about how I wished he would redo Factions for 1.7.6, but I never posted it because I didn't want to bother him. LOW AND BEHOLD ME MAKES IT THE NEXT DAY. He's a mind reader.

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  19. He was probably confused by the word 'hate' in the topic.

    lecraeman Wow, he both reads minds and works fast! :p
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    Who was confused?
  21. lecraeman I'm not sure, whoever your comment was addressed to :p
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    Couldn't you just store a players UUID and if they try to join with a different name don't allow it?
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    I believe it's already been done, but I won't be doing that. I just wish they had never added name changes in the first place.
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    Only way this will affect players is if they want it to, they aren't forcing players to change their names.
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    Yes block IDs and MetaDatas are changing to Blockstates...trust me it's annoying.
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    I'm getting flashbacks to making software changes for Y2K . You guys are killing me..
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    And this is the main reason I get so frustrated with Mojang. Its obvious that this statement is very true. If there was no online presence for Minecraft it would never have been as successful as it is today. And that is the truth.

    Mojang needs to pull their heads out of their butts and start thinking about the online, instead of almost killing off small servers with every single update that adds little or nothing to the actual game, even less when compared to what the community has created.

    The Minecraft community is what has made the game such a success, and the reason Mojang makes any money at all. Its just baffling to me how often Mojang seems to continually ignore this fact, at the same time as killing off chunks of their community with each update.
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    It's coming...
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    - Factions plugin is updated and it does not require MCore to run.
    - All other important and useful plugins (that i know) are updated and there is no issue to update your fancy server to 1.7.9

    Most of servers that I know are updated to 1.7.9 and I see no reasons not to update.
    now just some dumb server owners that are biting their balls and scared of an update haven't updated their server.
    common and update your server to 1.7.9 don't rip of your dick.! :p
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    Neither Essentials nor Group Manager nor World Guard support UUIDs with their current release builds.
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