I hate Mojang More and More Everyday...

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by lecraeman, Apr 12, 2014.

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    Well, this problem isn't caused by the UUID change. You can create a new account with such a name right now, too.
    Ofc. name changing does make it easier for griefers.

    Also, not a single plugin will BREAK from the change. It will only handle players by their name, so if a player changes his name, he is a new player.
    (So Bobcat00: Yes, old plugin will work, but players might lose their data if they change their name)
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    They will work, but they will lose all data of a player if they change their name.

    Syd Not the same thing...the name changes are FREE, and much more frequent. It's a LOT harder to do it now...since you have to pay for a brand new account, and get an entirely separate email.
  3. Not repeating previous answers by others: There is a zone of gray, which i am still slightly confused about, because i forgot if it was statements from third or from Mojang employees.

    Rumours are that Mojang might actually keep the old names for older Minecraft versions - technically this is possible, in that both client/mojang servers are "somewhat" version-aware. In practice i am not sure if a) this is correct at/after all and b) which past versions will be ok to use (does it need 1.7.6|7|9 or would it work with all past versions).

    In any case a (proper, which i am not sure yet what it would be/mean) database plugin, which creates a history of all names and uuids queried from Mojang, could in any case save the day - if it has a setting or you have an add-on plugin for it to prevent players from joining that took the name of a previously known player. That way names could still be used, just all who changed the name would be at some inconvenience (and the staff to answer their questions) and few people changing to already known names would be excluded.

    I will try to implement such a plugin, because i want "maximum preparation", though i am pretty late with it, probably. Backups would be good too, because you can use those for worst-case recovery - provided you fetch/get the uuids in time. If you run 1.7.x, parsing the server.log files could be done for the absolute worst case (no db plugin, all players names changed, no idea about uuids), but maybe one wouldn't really want to go there ...
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    I think that Mojang could end up losing money. For an example:

    I use to have a different account that I didn't like (9250341)
    I then bought a new account (DrPyroCupcake)
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    In case you missed it - Minecraft 1.7.9 is out.

    What's next, 1.7.A ?
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    Jesus Christ. Just kill me.
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  7. 1.7.10, 1.7.11, etc. Quite simple.

    I'm personnaly really happy with all of this. Not a big deal to update plugins, will force a refresh on the plugin base and makes kids whine. :)
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    Taken from Mojangs site

    You are simpely worried that someone will change name to a different user that have played on your server before? Well if you arent running a very large server then i guess this wont be the case. I doubt someone will stalk someone else and then find out that they changed the name so they can change it to theirs.

    Also as people as moderators and owners, you do not have to worry if you arent changing your name your self.

    Within time all plugins that you will be using will be working with UUID, i really dont see the big issue to be honest.

    Taken from Mojangs site
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    I don't see why everyone is so scared of this update, sure some plugins will run out of steam for a while, but it really isn't a big deal, I can think of more than a few different solutions off the top of my head for this for any given server.
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    Okay okay... Wait.. One thing i don't get is, well, if i were notch(or whoever said that the UUID thing is a great thing/whoever agreed to this), i wouldn't do this massive change. Why? I would lose money. Think about it. Yeah it's nice to give players a chance to change their names, but if they weren't allowed to do this, they would get more money. Please someone explain to me why they choose to let people change player names?

    Okay, this might be not a big deal, but i am just thinking of the impersonators, etc. The admins, moderators of my server, with them changing their names. Ugh... Why Mojang, why...
    • Ability to change its nickname is definitly a good feature. That's not really arguable. It may be a pain for some lazy server owners, but it's not really such a big change. And nearly all players find this awesome. All those crazy kids whining about this are just bad server owners. We're here for the players.
    • Notch has nothing to do with Minecraft anymore
    • Mojang is not EA, Activision or Bugthesda. It's not ALL about the money. They already have FAR more money than needed for the next 20+ years btw.
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    Hmmm. I, personally, think that the name change is great, but it also has disadvantages. Actually, i'm not sure about Notch, I think he is still developing Minecraft. Yeah, they might have soo much money, but, well... it just doesn't make sense :/
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    I believe it's mainly Jeb and Dinnerbone.
  13. It's a pain for many not so lazy people as well, also for people who just are short on time within this month. And it's more than not a big deal (see psa page for some descriptions of why ~Inconsistencies, trustable user interface, other).

    If Mojang does not implement it such that old Minecraft versions keep the first name + first UUID, or if it stays uncertain if that happens, then a considerable lot of people will have a considerable bit of pain for sure.
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    Make Kids Whine? Maybe you should leave ;)

    You are quite a numbskull if you think just updating will fix this. READ WHAT I SAID! I am using some outdated plugins(Factions)that WILL NOT be update because I use an older better version. It's not lazy if I literally CAN NOT update something. Just because you might have 5 plugins on your server that are all current doesn't mean it won't be a pain for the rest of us. I run a large server with some 35+ plugins. Some of them are outdated...

    Stop acting like you're God or something. We have problems with this update...HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people have issues with this update(Actually more like Millions). Your opinion means NOTHING to us. You're not helping us solve the problem. Please leave if you're just gonna keep saying rude ignorant things!
  15. If you don't know how to manage a server, don't. It's your problem if you use outdated plugins.
    It will take me an hour to a day to update my plugins to change player identifiers to UUIDs, depends on if I want to centralize things a bit or not. It's really not hard to do.

    If your older version of a plugin is better, then it will be updated by somebody else (it has been some minutes ago actually). If it isn't, then do your shits yourself or pay one of the hundreds of developers available to do it. You most likely paid nothing for your "35+" plugins. You should be happy with what you've got. How does the fact that you have "35+" plugins makes your server "large" btw?

    I see that you do not have to force yourself to show that you have no idea what you are talking about.

    And instead of just flaming randomly, remember that:
    • No, players are not able to change their nicknames currently, and will not be able to for at least a month. Peace. Everything's fine. Everybody has time.
    • Players will not be able to change their nicknames every few seconds. It will more likely be something like once per month, or maybe 3 at max forever, something like that. It's true that there will be more nickname changes than now, but you can still handle it. Remember that players will not be able to, like, quick-switch to a name or another.
  16. That's your egocentric perspective :p - my egocentric perspective is that it'll not be done within man-days for my server, while i have much more useful things on schedule that get postponed by this. This has to do with judging the to-be-expected problems as severe to consistency and usability, thus needing to invent some wheels by implementing new user-interaction schemes, likely having to fork all external plugins that do anything significant. Of course i will try to invent very slow wheels by preventing players from joning who changed their name to a previously known one, unless it's the previously known player.

    Some plugin is done in a minute, other plugins probably are more complex, having a choice of being offline-testable without wrecking everything, having a choice about how to do offline-player referencing, having a choice to be dropped.... can not be done quickly for all plugins.

    They said MAY - assuming that all past versions of Minecraft are broken with the change one should be ready on May 1st! There is hope, because someone said that Mojang might keep old versions name-compatible somehow . somehow hope.

    Assuming that UUIDs themselves might change, there could be hell :p.

    Having interaction like region membership, ownership, trading, economy in general, having players changing names around is not so much fun, also players trying to troll with similar names - note that there are various scenarios which mean referencing the wrong player after name swapping, which can't be undone, unless you detect inconsistencies and prevent potentially harmful commands on detection.

    Remember that there are people who chose random names for 14-20 $! They will change names for completely random reasons (old name given by mom, old name silly, new name silly, new name cool, just desiring a change, accident, trolling...) - some people WILL change names, there is no point in assumptions that they won't. Now assume those people had economic wealth or were popular or so - not everybody will know and your plugins will, in the way you describe it, probably either reference the new player or the old player if someone changed to a previously known name - either way some people are in danger of referencing the wrong player, if referencing by name with the player still being offline. There is no way around that other than restricting name use to something usable (never use names, use short tokens with a lookup facility for tokens, buddy system, something that makes people be sure they're referencing the right one) - this however makes it complicated, also if you want a common/unified look-and-feel.
  17. So this is what happens when you change your API (or core element), I must take a note of this.
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    OH MY DEAR LORD. I don't mind admitting I was wrong here xD THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT LINK!!
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    Please don't make threads like this.
    Do a little more research and/or ask around for solutions before flaming.
    It hurts the community. And my eyes.
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    You wont be able to change your name constantly, people want name changes because when they were young they probably chose a bad name they want to switch to something else, that's why everyone before UUID's were announced was asking on how to change their name.
  21. But you can READ, can you?
  22. The hardest part is for sign-based things where you didn't actually save the sign Location. A player name somehow worked, but you can't write a UUID on a Sign and even if you could with maths or on 2 lines, it's not user-friendly at all. You can just move to a saved-Sign-Location thing easily enough.

    About supporting offline-mode, that's another hard part I agree. I think I'll drop it for now and think about it later.
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    I did. Don't be smart.
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    Just tell your player base you will not support name changes.
    If they change their name then they will need to figure out how to cope with it.
    For example, if you use lockette, then they will need to update all their lock signs to their new name before they change it.
    They will need to add the new name to their protected regions before they change it.
    They will need to deal with the issues that arise by changing their name. Not you.

    Also, don't be afraid of someone impersonating you or one or your admins, or any of your players for that matter.
    What I understand about the names is that no one can use an existing name.
    So I don't ever have to worry about someone connecting to my server as jeffro1001 because I'm never planning on releasing that name.
    If your admins want to change their name then tell them to let you know before hand so you can remove their current name from whatever mods you use to give them mod powers.
    Once you change you name then your previous one will be up for grabs, but if you never change it then you don't have to worry about anyone else using it.
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    As I said. Didn't intend for this to be so much as hate, but more of a discussion. Everyone is upset...and they have a perfect right to be. This thread is like a "HELP US WE'RE IN TROUBLE AND NEED SUPPORT OF OTHERS WHO HAVE THE SAME ATTITUDE" thread. Does that make sense? I was putting out an issue so I could get re-assurance from people who are having the SAME problems, and apparently people care because it's getting a ton of views and replies.

    I don't see how this "Hurts" the community. Most likely the only people replying are the ones who feel the same. I didn't ASK anyone to read this. The title explained my standpoint on the situation, and I don't see the issue. You don't HAVE to read it. This is not hurting the community. It's providing a discussion to those of us who are opposed to this update(Even thought ultimately, we can't do anything).
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  26. I am, don't be Matthew Paige.

    Not just signs, but also referencing offline players in general, e.g. with economy or managing region members.

    So you would use uuids for user-interfacing? Good lord :)... Having a database-based lift plugin is possible but it's also horrible, because the same for sign protection and shops ? Some people just don't like that kind "invisible" protection, though region protection usually is also not visible, except maybe for visible builds.

    If you switch to bank account numbers or tokens you will have the user interface problem of preventing too many differing ways of handling that kind of tokens - best be all unified for using one short identifier per player.... lots of work :).
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    This isn't league of legends ranked. You'll corrupt people with your posts like these on this forum so be nice for the sake of everyone.
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    Dude. Please don't poop on our party. We are trying to have a Pity Party, and you're just pooping all over it. Come on man.
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    I'm sorry, its my bowels. They're just...overwhelming with rage.
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