I hate Mojang More and More Everyday...

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by lecraeman, Apr 12, 2014.

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    Before you read this...I know that Mojang is doing their best(or at least THINK they're doing their best), and I know that it is not any Bukkit developers fault, but sometimes I need to vent my anger...because 1.8 could seriously end my server. I don't want this to be a HATE article(Even thought it kinda is). I just don't understand why they have to do this. It's changing the game mechanics, and breaking everything for small server owners. So, Read on, and know that at this point I have a Love/Hate relationship with Mojang.

    Taken from This article!
  2. I completely agree with you. And Factions is one of my favorite plugins, I really hope it gets updated for UUID's..
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    Dont underestimate the devs. If the project isn't abondoned they will make it work. I believe you can get the uuid of players from their name. Just need to do that before 1.8 gets released.
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    malandrix_bunny tylerthecreeper1

    I use the version BEFORE MCore. It will not be updated :(

    Those developers are forcing people to use Mcore just so you can get a dumb downed version of the old factions.

    I am trying my best to find an alternative :(
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    List of what i THINK I need to change:

    Buycraft? because when you purchase something you type the username... right?
    Votifier? because when you vote you have to type in the name... right?

    Whew, i was actualy being a bit dramatic thinking i would lose my ENTIRE server. That is actualy pretty easy to fix provided the Developers update the plugins...
  6. Diaz_Ramos PEX was already updated. Buycraft most likely will be, it's the most popular donation plugin. Factions hopefully will be, Votifier most likely will be. TrophyHeads and VoteRoulette I haven't heard of but I assume TrophyHeads is like PlayerHeads allowing you to spawn heads and such. That would be an issue with UUID's..
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    This is possible, however Mojang did make it quite complicated to do.
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    I searched for Pex on plugins.bukkit.org and it didnt appear... did the developer delete the plugin?
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    Okay so what i did is i replaed the old Pex with the new one and didnt delete the permissionsEX folder so that the config would still be you know... like that... but i didnt notice any change... only it removed all the groups prefixes but aside from that... nothing
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    I heard they're still having issues with prefixes.

    Permissions is fixed already and it should be the ONLY thing of those that breaks(Besides Trophy Heads).

    The rest use their username, and I don't think people could change it fast enough to have the plugin not do what it's supposed to.

    Buycraft should be fine. It usually just executes commands that put someone in another permissions group...and so you can use their name, and it should just automatically do it.
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    Actually it is still perfectly possible to use player names. The only difference is that the player name might change, and that their data then is lost. I doubt most of your playerbase will suddenly start changing their names daily, so I doubt you'll have a very big issue there.
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  13. Those worldfolders will have like jieojoeh89340-=143i3209j092j3e.dat instead of tylerthecreeper2.dat lol
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    I know, but some of my players I know for a fact will change their names, and they're going to lose all their data, and I can't transfer someones stuff over whenever they change their name.
  15. Rest assured that quite some people will change their name :). Silly old name, too long old name, cool new name, silly new name, for fun, for trolling, accidentally,more than expected might do such...
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    I don't see why they didn't do a NICKNAME system, but have their UUID be there actual username.

    Is this whole name change thing a preparation for going onto steam? God I hope not.
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  17. If the server owner could control if to use an also unique display name or the registration name, it would be a much easier transition for plugins and servers.

    To be fair, the problems with trust/user interfaces would are similar, if not the same, with nick-names.

    Using the UUID is the "cleanest" (or most sterile if you will :p) solution to name changing, but also the one with the heaviest impact on the modding/plugin community.
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    Mojang considers Minecraft to be a single-player game. Yes, they produce a server version, but the main consideration from Mojang's standpoint in the single-player version.
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    Heh, they're going to kill every bukkit servers (As mine) because I'm using outdated plugins (for previous vers.) and now with those UUID changes, all plugins using player names will break because players can change names, thus losing their things.

    But plugins like PermissionsEx, WorldGuard, Essentials, Prism, Buycraft, dynmap, mcMMO will likely be updated, but those ones like LWC, SimpleRegionMarket, QuickShop, BuyMagic, PayDay wont be updated because they're outdated, inactive developer or dead..

    Most likely servers depends on those plugins (ones who get player names) will die or take longer to update, poof 1.9 gets released, lol
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    If Mojang only cares about singleplayer, why do they allow name changing, a feature that only makes sense in multiplayer? ;)
    (Also, Minecraft has no singleplayer from a technical viewpoint, only local one man servers.)
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    That's not what I said.
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    lecraeman i do not see why this is such a problem to you. Right now the system is dormant and can only be used when 1.8 comes out.

    Even if you can change your name i can't see why this will be a huge problem if the plugin in question is using data to name resolution.

    From my point of view a developer can still use this if they implement a "migration process" later on.

    Some questions floating around in my head:
    • How often will someone change their username?
      - Maybe once or twice a month or year

    • Is it likely that they will change their name over and over?
      - I don't think that it is likely that someone will change its username hourly otherwise i think that he or she has a serious identification problem.

    Since we still dont know how the final implementation will be guessing what could be might be counterproductive since all it is is an assumtion.

    They still say "we do not know how the final system will look like"... so why care if it only will happen with 1.8?

    You will most likely not update instantly since it is likely that an 1.8 CB release will take time and it will take more time for a developer to react to those changes.

    Of course they should act now but some just cant since it would be waste of time if they don't know how the final system will look like.

    The main reason why i dont see this is a huge problem is because you will not be able to change your name to an already existing name. So taking the identity of another person will not be possible for some time.

    If someone will change his name and wonders "why does the server not recognize me??" - Well ... server mods could inform their player base before to prevent this from happening before some kid will spam flood your chat.

    Server Admins can make an announcement using a MOTD saying "Do not change your name until we have prepared for that" for example.

    Also it is much likely that a server owner or server operator will not change their name since they should be informed now since the PSA is out making it less likely that something bad will happen.
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    Okay, then replace it with "if Mojang sees Minecraft as singleplayer game".
    The point is the same, name change is close to completly useless in singleplayer.
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    Mostly worried about my outdated factions...people will lose their information if they change their names :( I am also quite concerned about Impersonators.
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    lecraeman This is it buddy. We are doomed! I mean, all of the hard work we, as server owners, have put it to our servers, and now the UUID, is going to ruin it. :/ Now, the thing is, that on my server, i had players that were like friends to me. Now, i would have impersonators. BIG TIME. Factions? SCREW IT. All of them are gone! This is a massive thing! Why Mojang, why? This is ruining minecraft. Back in the old days, it was a lot fun, then now. I will not change my name. Never. God, having those impersonators, in my server... I don't know what to do! I mean, this is definitely going to ruin a lot of servers. I mean A LOT!
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    There must be an option to absolutely ignore this UUID non-sense to make plugins work that are still dependent on names. What I am thinking is that Mojang should store the original account's name somewhere and add an option to the server's server.properties file to always change the player's name to his original name.
    This would disallow impersonators and breaking-stuff, while allowing the servers to use the horrible UUID system if the admin is suicidal enough.

    What do you guys think?
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    Now now, don't rip your dicks off.
    As much as I can relate to you guys as a server owner standpoint, I can also relate to the Mojang devs as to why they are doing this.
    The pros of UUID systems:
    • Unique identification despite the change of name and other settings.
    • Gives people the ability to rename without buying a new account.
    • Opens up a realm of possibilities which could include a friend system.
    The cons of UUID systems:
    • Impersonation... Need I say more?
    I love the idea of name changing, kids who set their names to "xx_your_mum_69lol_xx" that finally realize that they are stupid can change it to something appropriate.
    But yes, I do agree it will be a lot of work for the move, I would try to save as much money to pay for your servers and then wait even whitelisted for your plugins to update. If the plugin you want is outdated and inactive, I'm sure there are people out there in the requests forum willing to update plugins for you.
    Just... Take it easy. There shall be no dick ripping t'day.
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    Impersonation is not a problem...
    Usernames are still unique and afair old names will be protected for some time after the change.

    Also, outdated plugin will only be a problem if a player actually changes his name. So tell your players to not use the yet non-existant option to change their name until you have properly updated your server.

    I really don't understand this whole drama about UUIDs and I'm Dev as well as Admin...
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    Impersontators will be an issue. Let's say someones name is "Crocodile337" someone could easily change their name to "Crocodile377" and hardly anyone would notice the difference.

    I agree, but there is no way we can effect it all...unless we have thousands of people all telling them this(Which we do, but it's not doing any good).

    Another Con would be that it BREAKS all plugins that are outdated and use names, and requires all developers to redo theirs. I can see the pros, but they should also implement something like xbenas said!
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    It's still not clear to me: Will name-based plugins based on 1.7.2 still work with 1.7.8 ?

    Heh. Someone paid for a Bobcat000 MC account just to sort-of impersonate me. I don't think he fooled anyone. I guess it was just done as a joke.
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