I dont want to use net.minecraft.server classes

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ferrybig, May 30, 2012.

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    does an better solution exists for this:
    2. if ((changedId > 0) && (net.minecraft.server.Block.byId[changedId].isPowerSource()))
    3. {
    4. /* ... */
    5. }

    EDIT: chancedId is an 'int'
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    Oh, sorry. I couldn't see any way in Bukkit for doing it so I went back to that.
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    its not returning false always for so far I notice, I am using it for an dispenser like block and thats working great, but I want an way to make the same funcinality posible whit just bukkit classes, or mayby an list (last option) of al blocks that are so called power sources
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    If this functionality is missing from the Bukkit API you could add it and submit a pull request.

    Many of these useful methods in net.minecraft.server's Block and Item are missing from Bukkit, I also often have to resort to using these methods (sometimes still obfuscated). There are very useful methods to not only check if a block is a power source, but also if an item is durable, getting an item's container, damaging a tool, checking if a block is transparent or should render in 3D, has subtypes, and many more. Anyone up for developing a nice API to access all this?
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    mayby whit an new methode on the material class, Material.isPowerSource() or something
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