I cannot connect to my own server!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TheSporeGA1, Dec 30, 2011.

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    Hello people, I am having a tiny problem with my server. It seems that I cannot connect to it.
    There is no error message at all. It's almost like I am not putting in the right IP!
    I have made sure the firewall is off, and it's port forwarded. I even tried it on the official minecraft server software and I still can't connect. I have also tried removing all my plugins and the world. Still no luck. Also just to point it out, this was working a while ago but now it's not.

    Server Prop:
    Code (Text):
    1. #Minecraft server properties
    2. #Fri Dec 30 20:51:50 PST 2011
    3. allow-nether=true
    4. level-name=world
    5. allow-flight=false
    6. enable-query=false
    7. server-port=25565
    8. enable-rcon=false
    9. level-seed=
    10. server-ip=
    11. white-list=false
    12. spawn-animals=true
    13. online-mode=true
    14. pvp=true
    15. difficulty=1
    16. gamemode=0
    17. max-players=20
    18. spawn-monsters=true
    19. view-distance=10
    20. motd=A Minecraft Server
    Any help?
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    hmm, does the server appear to be on in your server list thingo? Like green bars etc...

    Home server? or a vps or dedi or something?
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    if its online but u cant connect is IS being blocked by either a software firewall, hardware firewall(router) or port issue. double check your os firewall, your router/port fwding something is goofed up.
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    I don't think my firewall of router would have anything to do with it sense I am hosting it on the same computer I am trying to connect to it with. I tried all that anyway.

    No it just says Cannot reach server. It's a home server.

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    if its on the same PC, then connect with localhost not the ip.
    also again it IS a port blocking it, with localhost you will beable to connect but others wont beable to, fix your ports.
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    NOW, it's working. Thank you so much. I wonder why it was not working before then. I was putting my ip into it. Huh.
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    ok think of it like this

    internet --------------- your router ---------- your PC
    you connect with (example ip) with tries to connect u through the above path internet then router then to the server(your pc)
    Now your router is blocking port 25565, thus stoping the connection.

    now you connect as local host wich now your connecting from your PC to your PC, this means you and only you can connect this way. noone over the web can connect to your server until you port forward properly. regardless of how many times you insist you did it, its either 1. wrong. or 2. not working due to a faulty router. 99 times out of 100 its number 1.
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