I banned my bro as a joke and now i can't unban him. please help

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Xnilius, Jun 16, 2012.

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    I banned my brother as a joke last night and i did /unban (his user) and the server said unbanned (his user) but when my brother tried to join the server still recognised him as banned. I tried /pardon, with no luck and i also did it on the console.The thing is though i type /banlist it says he is banned. But in the notepad files banned players and banned ips they are empty. Please help.
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    What plugins do you have?
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    jCommands, Orebfuscator, ParanoiaPlugin, LetItRain, CommandBin, TogglePvP, InfiniArrow, MoreRecipes, nbricks-1.0, SpamProtect, AnonymousDeath, MoreAlphas, PickupArrows, Timber, TheWerewolf, SafeExplosions, RPGOverhead, RecipeManager, NoDrop, mcMMO, JunkyardCreek, mcjobs, InfChests, EssentialsSpawn, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsChat, General_Commands_v1.4, Essentials, DisguiseCraft, GlowstoneDrop, TabHealth, Demigods, BoneTools, Citizens, TransformCreature_02a, AdminCmd, EasterBunny-1.0.5, DiveHelmet, LavaBoats, BloodMoon, SquadBot, ItemRepair, InfTools, Monarchy, Lockette, LegendaryLibrary, Vault, LegendaryItems.
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    its easy go to the server folder open banned ips or banned players and delat your frinds user name
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    They are empty as i said in my post.
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    tell him to try to join in the server but another user name
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    he did that a few hours ago, and what would that prove
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    كل طقعه يا ابن الكلب

    كم انت فسوه

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    Try stopping the server, check the banned players and IPs again then start the server.
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    معزاتك يا مكوة
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    This is an English speaking forum.
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    tried that. No luck
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    This might be an Essentials issue.

    Go to plugins > Essentials > userdata
    In the userdata folder delete file with the name of your friend.
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    What is an apparent 23 year old man posting offensive material in arabic on an english speaking forum, grow up. Also your reported. Have a nice day!
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    Is your server onlinemode = false?
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    There isn't an Essentials folder in plugins only a .jar if that is what you mean could you be a bit more in depth with your answer please.


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    Check you don't have another plugin handling bans. Also try /eunban to force the Essentials unban command instead of whatever other plugin might be occupying that command.

    If none of that works try renaming the plugins folder to something else while the server is stopped and if he's still banned when you start it again it's a Bukkit issue, if he's not it's definitely one of your plugins.
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    My laptop won't let me rename the plugins folder any idea what i can do now?

    Solved the problem

    He was unbanned when it wasn't loading the plugins and when i reloaded them he was banned.

    i only solved the renaming problem please help.

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    I also reported :)
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    What does your brothers screen say when he tries to connect?
    What does the console show?
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    his screen says:
    Disconnected by server!Banned by admin.

    console says:
    (His user):Disconnected by server!Banned by admin.
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