Question I am not getting money from Jobs

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by NerdyGamer, Aug 21, 2016.

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    I have a currany Plugin it is Iconomy and after I got it and jobs I am not making any money I am just staying with the 30.00 I spawned with.... I have been try for so long so I decided to make a post about this. PLEASE HELP ME!
  2. @NerdyGamer This is forum feedback how???

    Reported to be moved.

    Do you have an error? Latest update? Does it support your MC version?
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    This is my log when I go to log on! there are a lot of errors though because a lot of my plugins also don't work that I added in....

    Thats my log I had to copy and paste in in different replys but there it is! idk what went wrong but everytime nothing works and the other jobs dont work to add as a plugin so jobs is my only chance....
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    Caused from your java being outdated, try updating your Java to 8

    You have two Vaults inside your plugins folder

    Both GroupManager and StarterKit are outdated. They still work, but they'll scream errors at you.

    Your server is most likely out of memory or your computer can't handle running a server.

    Looking at the source for Jobs, it seems you don't have a valid economy plugin for Jobs to hook into. Probably a problem with iConomy, try updating.
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    I think I updated iconomy and thanks for helping! but jobs still is broken for me do you know of any plugin that would work for iconomy that you can make money from? all I have so far is a auction house and a auction but in order to buy something so the player who is selling the item can make money the player who bought it has to have money but no one can have money if there is no way to make it............. Please help!
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