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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by brendan776, Sep 3, 2016.

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    [​IMG] i was hoping someone could create a HWID ban plugin, i see this as urgently needed, for the past week my server has experienced nothing but attack after attack, ive had to rebuild twice already, i have over 100+ player count, so this it not fair on my players, i have ip banned, banned, but somehow, the guys still not banned and still opping himself. ive made it so im the only op, then he comes on and he's opped, this is a giant pain in the ass, as i have network of 3 servers + a hub, the 3 servers have been griefed now inc the hub, with no way to retrieve the previous data, as hes literally that into destroying us, there's 4 different people now, and its too much to cope with, my servers been running for 4 years, and its now gotten to the point im considering to close my server down until i can find a permanent fix, i see HWID as that permanent fix, and see it as a great addition to stop hackers on ANY server.

    id appreciate anyone that could help with this.
    if any of you can help please add me on skype, <snip> <-- Moderator note: This is against the rules.
    or if there is already something as good as this out there, please don't hesitate to let me know.
    thanks -brendan776 | Poke-realms owner.

    Update: this is the crap im dealing with 4th time today literally [​IMG]
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    Umm. You want to HardwareID ban on minecraft? This is impossible....

    "The address use for comminucation for drivers? or the MAC address considering both are near impossible. About 50% of pingbacks will timeout and the chances of successfully pulling the mac address without the ping request timing or lagging the system are slim to none. This type of checking would not be beneficial. For anyone who wants to try this."
  3. @brendan776 Well if someone can get unbanned and has op they might have console or you might be in offline mode. Are you? If you are, this explains a lot.
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    not in offline mode and impossible for them to gain access through the console, we host in a weird way, to stay more secure from console hackers. if you have ever heard of PuTTy ?. but yeah i wouldn't say its impossible, would just require a lot of a skill and hard work, i mean a few years ago it wouldn't be possible, but now, the ways things have advanced and changed, i would say its very near possible. for the right person with the right knowledge, and i found out exactly how he was doing this and I've gotten my hands on the "hack" and fix myself, so I've finally managed to stop him.
    it was an exploit tool for bungee, called zenmap, i would post the link here, but i doubt it's allowed, as it's a request thread, but i may make a new thread in the right place.
    I'm not sure how many other people have been affected by his but i know there around 4 of them going around doing it to servers and recording it putting it on youtube as some form of trophy.
    i mean as you can see the persistence from him was incredible, so i bet a lot of other affected servers have considered closing as i did myself.
    should i make a new thread with the fix attacked its just a simple plugin. since I've had it active I've not had anything happen.
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    Just curious to secure my own server, how is it possible for people to force op? Is there a way to stop it?
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    Next time, tahg or quote us. or we won't be able to see your messages.
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