Hunger Games with mutation passes

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    TheEclipse Survival Games

    What I want:
    i want this because i need the ultimate hg plugin for my server i don't mind over servers having this too. mutations are zombie pigmen respawning to kill their killer in the hunger games and when they do respawn they get speed potion 5 with a gold sword and a compass to tell you where your killer is and when u kill your killer your back in the game and when u die as a spectator u get a compass to teleport to the players in-game and if you have 5,000points (but if op you get a mutation pass if you have eg 50 points.) you will have a mutation pass in your inventory.And i want things like bountys and things like that. And also when a player wins they will get 60 points and there will be fireworks where the spawns are set for the 24 players and the winner will get /fly, well it will be enabled for them for 30 secs while the game there still in is reseting and i want a sigh system to join a game and i want it to say when its waiting for players to join &1&l[join] and when in-game &7[spectate] and when full but waiting &4&l[full]. And also when they click the sigh they will be teleported to the lobby of the game then when there is 24 players they will be teleported to the map (SET MAP VOTING) then they wait 30 secs before the game starts and if in lobby admins can type /sg start to teleport the players down even with 2 players. And when the guy using the mutation pass has to wait 30 secs before respawning.And for the deathmatch tp all the players down to the center of the map and they fight. And Also make it so it doesn't lag.

    Ideas for commands: /sg start /sg mutationpass give <player> /sg bounty <amount> <player> /sg kick <player> (CANNOT KICK OTHER OPS) /sg points give <player> <amount> /sg setspawn next /sg setdeathmatch next /sg set lobby spawn /sg setwaitinglobby <arena>

    Ideas for permissions: whats you thing is best for the plugin
    When I'd like it by: 1st of march 2014

    post in the comments if you will do this and post the .jar on bukkit and sent me it at this email address and i will post the download link on twitter too twitter @PixeMC

    Who makes this plugin will get the ip to TheEclipseMC before its lauched and you will get co-owner (Or Developer .It launches at 2014 :p
    AND IM NOT COPYING THE NEXUS (just saying)
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    MinecraftPixelMC Please use this format:
    And also: What are those mutations?
  3. ok thanks and the mutations are when u respawn as a zomebie pigman and you kill your killer if you kill him your back in the game if he kills you ,your out
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    Already reported it with double posting, next to the date and time there is an edit button

    I told you to use the format, never told you to create a new post about it

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    So basically you want to be the owner of TheFridge?
  6. ermm no i just want to have a plugin whats like that and also thefridge does not have that plugin anymore thenexusmc have it now thefridge's hg plugin doesn't have mutations anymore they said that on the website
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    Oh okay.
  8. And the person who makes this plugin i can get you loads of subs on youtube :>
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    Come on, get original. No need to copy the Nexus.
  10. Looks like a mix of Hunger Games and MineZ :p
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    Half the posts in this section are asking people to clone the big servers' custom plugins...
  12. Oh Come On, even I want the same plugin. It's so epicly cool!

    Oh come on. It's so epicly cool! Even I want it! Please make one...

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  13. U can have it when hopefully some1 makes this :)

  14. Ya thanks


    There should be a way, or at least we can try to make it but I don't have any experience not this,lol
  15. yeah ive tried to make this plugin myself many times ive made the sg part of it work but i couldnt get it to get players to respawn

    And if a guy what can MAKE plugins like this just reply to this message saying ''im going to make this plugin for you''
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Tip: Try decompiling an auto respawn plugin, then implement it in this plugin
  17. I will have a go at that thx
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  18. nope that wont work when i do that the server crashes
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    9 out of 10 times you also got an error log
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  21. Are they :> cant wait till then i do use that plugin on my server but i didnt know that they were doing that thx
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    Same, I Dont know when they are a goin to add muttations, but one thing for sure they will be adding it! Plus its the only one that probably will have muttations out there!
  23. CrazymanJR yep , there was one once but i got removed
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    Most plugins remove it cause TheNexusMC is asking them to remove cause they want it to be a unique feature for their Survival Games
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    Then how does sky's server have it?
  26. Skys server have a plugin nothing like this one
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    No problem just remember to look around and ull find it eventually :D

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