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    I was trying to get someone to make this plugin xD. I have some suggestions, or rather ideas. I want to run a Professional Hunger Games server that will have all these features and more. The suggestions I have are:
    • An option to wait until 24 or so players join THEN start the countdown.
    • Reset the map after each round(If possible a different map every time?)
    • When a game is in progress anyone who leaves gets kicked until the round is over, same for people that get killed.
    • Another option to make it whitelist while game is going so someone can't just join at the end of a game and win. (That would maybe make some people very angry if this happened)
    • Spawn players at preset points around the cornucopia but not at the same spawn point
    I AM DEFINITELY FOLLOWING THIS THREAD! I am all for this plugin. If any of these features are skipped I am willing to pay someone $20 PayPal in order to make this plugin and possibly update it. If anyone is interested in 20 bucks to spend somewhere just let me know. Even acuddlyheadcrab who has started it!
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    :) SLiPCoR has said he might add a hunger games option to his pvp arena plugin
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    Merrick King

    Would it be possible for the gamemakers to set up traps that they can set off with commands, using built in traps such as ones that will activate tnt or just remove blocks all together (possibly with world edit?) Example commands:
    /HG trap set <name> <type>
    /HG trap reset <arena> <name>
    /HG trap activate <arena> <name>
    Note that when the trap is created, it should automatically detect which arena it is in.
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    I have a suggestion, the gamemakers should be able to set up a special type of arena event, or add more people like. By this I mean they should be able to do "Quarter Quells"
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    Thank you, Merrick King, for liking my post
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    OMG this looks awsome
    BTW: I would loved to be involved in the creation of a plugin Im not usre how I can help???
    (could try coding???)
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    Woops i forgot about this post i love all this! cuddly do you have skype?
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    Great idea! I was thinking of scripted events but for the main plugin this would work much better!

    Yep I do, but I'm away right now sorry :)
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    Add me when you get the chance i would like you help you anyway i can :)

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    Hey guys, I've been working on my plugin a lot for the past month or two, and it's getting near completion!

    The plugin, MCHungerGames, is now in Beta 1.0 and is playable. You can make, rename, delete, and teleport to arenas in any world at any location. You can also add tributes/gamemakers to any arena and edit the arena's data via commands. When you've got a cornucopia set up, you can start a game (with a countdown too :D) and all the online tributes will start playing with a new inventory and locked for the countdown. If a tribute tries to exit the Arena they might catch fire and be thrown back. Also when a tribute dies, each tribute may be able to hear a cannon go off. And finally, when only one tribute remains, they are declared the winner, and teleported back to the center of the Arena.

    Anyways, that's just a summary of how the plugin works on a server right now! I tried this out with one other person and it was pretty terrifying(-ly awesome).

    Here's the bukkit dev page
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    ill give it a shot this weekend on my computer hosted server as i know longer have a dedicated one would it be possible to create a void at the edge of the world like in the games that haymitch won?
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    Um... Maybe. Right now Arenas have a working forcefield that repels players and does (soon to be configurable) damage. And once your arena's set up you can use /hga tp <arena> to go to the center in order to use WorldEdit commands. I just used //hsphere 20 75 to make a hollow glass dome around my arena.

    I'm trying to import some basic WorldEdit commands that would help Admins set up the arena.
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    travja made it, but I help to test, and CurlyBraceProductions helps with the code.
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    Yup, travja and I keep in touch about our plugins.

    His plugin is great and it works well :)

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